Summoners War a Week in Review (1/23/17 to 1/29/17)

Summoners War a Week in Review (1/23/17 to 1/29/17)

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Summoners War Fusion progression became the focus of last week’s gameplay.  Inevitably it did not start out that way via the weeks planning, however I had three twelve hour double experience boosters I needed to use up.  I sort of ended up landing on working towards fusing a new monster for my team out of chance, to some degree.


Fusion lessons learned was the theme for last week.  Despite previously fusing Veromos a while back there were a lot of things I forgot about when it comes to fusing a new monster.  It is also because of those shortcomings I was not able to quit get there, and receive the new monster.  I definitely should have re-watched my own video.

Veromos Fusion Guide

Like I mentioned earlier I had three double experience boosters to boot.  It was because of these I just happened to take a look at my Fusion Monster tree to see if I was close to anything.  It so happened that I had everything for the water phoenix Sigmarus.  It was because of this I spent all of last week working towards Sig.

First off, one thing I do is when I get fusion material monsters I typically lock them.  Then during times when I have boosters I tend to try to get them to four stars and maxed for a couple of reasons.  One, at four stars they can help you with the World Boss, which I have been able to get three attacks in daily now for quite some time.  Next, you can do exactly what I did by checking your fusion chart every so often and see how close you are to fusing a new monster.  This strategy helps reduce time, and pain of the fusion process if you keep it in the back of your mind like me.

Fusion Lessons Learned

There are a few things I briefly want to mention to help you in your Fusion preparation mind state.  Mainly a few things I forgot, and why the Fusion process can be rough.  The process itself is very resource draining, because you could supplement all the mats used to awaken monsters you plan to keep, and even get to a six star monster much faster.  As the process takes four five star monsters in fusion to get a one five star monster.  Ideally you are trading up in monster power though, but it can be a significant shift in the short term by losing things like fodder, mats, and potentially 13 monsters to help with the world boss.

When starting out your fusion process make sure you have enough mana.  Often people, including myself forget that it is quite a bit of mana to fuse monsters.  Luckily as mentioned I had double experience boosters so I could offset my low mana by grinding Faimon Hell, and Hydeni as I was leveling up the monsters needed to obtain Sigmarus.

Honestly, it wasn’t even the leveling that bothered me as I was planning on doing it for three days anyway.  The problem came when I needed the awakening materials.  I forgot how much it took, and I was severally short on regular Magic Essence.  I was missing roughly 60 mid-level awakening materials.  This took me another day and a half to collect, and I eventually paid to change some of my mats into the mid-level magic essence.

Then after that grind I realized that I would need to do it again, since that was just for all the base monsters for Sigmarus.  One nice thing was that I timed it well with an all elemental dungeon weekend so it made it relatively easy to spend my weekend collecting the rest of the materials.

One thing I also want to point out, and a major mistake on my part is make sure you also start the fusion process a day after the free rune removal day.  As there were some runes I still wanted to keep, and it was fairly expensive to remove them, on top of that it was a pretty noob mistake on my end.  Just another point I wanted to pass along in case you are thinking about fusing a new monster like me.

In the end I did not get Sigmarus fused, but I am hoping to complete him in the coming week.  I am excited to have Sig in my team, and at the very least a relatively stronger monster then the materials I put into him.

Rune Update

I didn’t run a lot of B10s this week, but am updating with stuff from the previous week as well.  Going forward runs are after update V3.2.1

Giant B10 Run Count: 82

Dragon B10 Run Count: 218

The_Stand Guild Wars

This week was a bad performance for us going 0-10.  Despite losing every attack, we did win every defensive battle going 10-0.  We did not have good participation, but we picked up a new player who we are hoping will be able to start contributing very soon.  Overall, it was even a slight improvement over last week.

Rating: 988

Rank: 19062

GamertagMythras PvP

A mediocre week in my personal PVP.  Made Fighter 1 for the week, and I didn’t spend a lot of time on PvP.

Rating: 1285

Rank: 67112

Notable Mentions

World Boss

I hit an A- Score for the first time with my main World Boss team.

Dungeon Personal Records

I made a bunch of PRs on dungeons this week as I was adjusting teams for fusion materials.

Hall of Magic
Hall of Water

2017 Power-Up Stone Event

I completed the event, and was able to collect all the necessary points (1000) to get all the items for the two week event.

Level 15 Runes


I made some good Summoners War fusion progress this week on the water phoenix Sigmarus.  I will hopefully have an awesome new monster added to my collection in the coming week.  I hope some of my fusion pointers and lessons learned will help you in your own fusion progression.  Until next week summoners, keep on summoning.

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Summoners War Veromos Guide


Summoners War Veromos Guide

I believe it is every Summoners Dream, or at least one of their first goals to obtain Veromos in Summoners War.  Veromos is a crucial part to many teams, and helps you quickly progress in the game.  With that said today I would like to look back, and pull together a Summoners War Veromos Guide with some tips and tricks I found while trying to acquire my very own Veromos.  I also hope this will help you prepare and be more efficient in your approach to obtaining Veromos.  The Summoners War Veromos Guide is here as an input to you Summoners War Gaming experience, but is definitely no way shape or form the only way to go about getting Veromos.

Veromos Fusion

Getting all the monsters for Veromos can definitely take some time.  It is important to know what goes into him, and to not accidently use something you shouldn’t if you are trying to obtain him.  Here is a chart of what it takes for his Fusion.


Starting at the beginning process of the fusion at a very high level you will need to get 12 monsters to 4 stars and awaken them. Then Fuse those 12 monsters into 3 four star monsters.  Every monster can be obtained through summoning, however with that said it is probably going to be pretty rare that you will have summoned all the pieces.  Dark Yeti probably being the hardest to obtain as Light and Dark scrolls are few and far between.

On the bright side most of the base monsters are farmable.  You will need to pay attention to what you need.  The nice thing is a few updates ago they added a fusion chart into the game, and now highlight monsters you have that are a piece of the fusion process.  For example, looking at the chart again you can see I have several monsters for the Veromos Fusion like the wind Vampire which I acquired through summoning.

Veromos Youtube Guide

Veromos Strategy – Acquiring Monsters

Now that we know what goes into the Veromos Fusion, we can pay attention day 1 of playing Summoners War.  For starters pay attention to all the mystical scroll summons you use, and any time you summon a piece I would go and lock the monster so you don’t accidently use them.  As you are leveling your account and growing from a noob to mid game you will quickly acquire a lot of the monsters for Veromos as long as you are not using them for fodder.  You will even be able to get several monsters from using the regular scroll summons.

Next, after what I call acquiring most of your monsters the next thing you need to pay attention to is what day of the week it is.  I say this because Monday is when the Dark Dungeon is open, and that is when you will need to be extra vigilant on watching for a Dark Yeti Secret Dungeon.  Be sure to pay attention to chat, and ask nicely for an invite.  On the flip side this is also your day to farm the Dark Dungeon as well, and if you happen to get lucky and get a Dark Yeti please be kind and pay it forward to your fellow summoners.  Keep a few friend slots open to invite, and because of them farming Dark Yeti as well you will get pieces from them hitting the dungeon.

Veromos Strategy – Leveling & Evolving

A big piece of getting Veromos is the time it will take you to level and evolve all the monsters.  This is probably one place where this Summoners War Veromos Guide will hopefully help you.  First and foremost leveling the monsters you need can occur in tandem while you are trying to farm or summon the needed monsters.  The key is utilizing your Experience Boosters properly.  Be prepared on when you plan to use them, and store some energy.  Do not waste the Experience Boosters.  I also strongly recommend when you decide to really push that you go to the shop and use some crystals for a three day experience booster.

Next, it is of my opinion you will want to farm Faimon Volcano.  Particularly the first zone Path.  Most likely you will use your Water Magic Knight to farm Faimon.  At 5 star, awakened, four to five star runes level 12 or higher, and max level you should be able to farm the Path on Hard.  Mine is also runed with both Vampire and Revenge runes going Speed in the 2 slot, HP in the 4 slot, and HP in the 6 slot.  The Water Magic Knight makes a great farmer for Faimon, and a monster everyone will have.  I also believe it is actually one of the reasons it’s not a bad idea to 6 star him because a lot of the game as you know is a grind, and you spend a lot of time leveling and evolving monsters.

After leveling monsters comes the next important piece is evolution fodder.  To give you an example just to get one monster to 5 stars, you would need 5 four star monsters.  One the monster that you are evolving full leveled, and four more 4 star monsters.  To quickly break it down for the same 5 star monster you need: 16 three star, 48 two star, or 96 one star monsters to evolve to a five star monster.  This is clearly in my opinion the time suck of the Veromos Fusion, and why you should be constantly doing this throughout the game using the experience boosters.

Coinciding with the evolution and leveling I would add a good way in my opinion to get the fodder needed, and potentially time saving is to get again spend crystals on the Premium packs for the summons.  Purchasing premium packs through the course of your play will immediately expedite the Veromos Fusion process, by getting you monsters needed in fusion, and fodder material.  On top of that you may be an extremely lucky summoner and get some other needed stuff for your account.

Veromos Strategy – Awakening

Aside from actually completing the Veromos Fusion one of the last pieces is having enough materials to awaken all the monsters.  This is something you can casually work on throughout the week, and slowly accumulate the materials for the awakening of the fusion materials.  When getting to this point it will also be a little more time sensitive if you do not have all the proper materials to awaken your monsters because you will have to farm the correct dungeons on the right day of the week.

Along with actually leveling your monsters this could take some time especially to get the High Elemental Material pieces that you will need.  However, I still believe leveling the monsters is much more work when push comes to shove then gathering the materials.  On top of that, it is strongly going to depend on where you are as a Summoner.  Obviously the higher level you are, the stronger your team monster and rune wise, you will be able to complete your runs quicker.  However, this Summoners War Veromos Guide is more geared to an aggregate view of “How to get Veromos” from day 1 and cast a collective inclusive web when approaching Veromos Fusion.

Summoners War Veromos Guide Summary

In conclusion any summoner can make great strides towards obtaining Veromos by paying attention very early in the game, and being educated about an approach.  I hope this guide doesn’t land on deaf ears and helps many early summoners Fuse Veromos.  As outlined in the Veromos Strategy I believe there are really three main elements to the Fusion.  Get the appropriate monsters needed by paying attention to dungeons and summons.  Use your mystical scrolls or purchase premium packs to help expedite the process, and for the love of god lock your monsters so you don’t accidentally use them if they are monsters needed for Veromos.  Farm Faimon to level up your monsters so you can evolve them.  Keep an eye on having the appropriate fodder as it takes a lot of materials, and again use premium packs to help expedite.  Lastly, you can slowly accumulate the needed materials for awakening throughout the week.

When I first started playing Summoners War I was a little lost on direction.  Hopefully this Summoners War Veromos Guide will help provide some navigation pointers for you.  I was able to get Veromos within the first 6 months of gameplay as a free to play player.  That should give a little guidance on the timeline it takes to get him.  Last I would like to impart one final piece of advice.  Make sure you have enough mana, because it would definitely suck to have everything and not be able to summon Veromos because you didn’t have the mana available to do so.  However, with that said make sure you enjoy the game!