Summoners War: Trial of Ascension Guide June/July 2017

Summoners War: Trial of Ascension Guide June/July 2017

This Trial of Ascension Guide should be used as a reference, or additional source to help you progress in the June/July 2017 Trial of Ascension for Summoners War.  First off, I love TOA.  One of the main reasons is the great rewards you can rack up over the course of the 30ish day challenge.  However, on the flip side sometimes obtaining these rewards can prove to be somewhat of a challenge.  Hence, why I decided to through this blog together with some clips to help provide an additional point of view.  One thing that I have found to happen oddly enough is sometimes you get stuck on random floors for the specific TOA, and this time around it was Floor 83.  I will cover that awkward floor as well.  So, sit back, relax, grab some breakfast or popcorn where ever you are in the world, and enjoy.

Trial of Ascension 70F Aschubel

Aschubel isn’t that bad of a mob floor for TOA.  Aschubel may provide more difficulties at higher levels, but in this months case I was able to go straight to the face and DPSer down.  Straight to the face is always clutch, and fun.

Team: Veromos(L), Iona, Chasun, Water Homie, Theomars

Ideally you should be able to go multiple different DPSers to help you get past this floor, and you can sub on the healers here as well.  For example, you could throw belladeon into the mix.

Trial of Ascension 80F Xing Zhe

The floor features Wind Monkey King Xing Zhe with Isillen and Ursha Mobs.  I take a slow and steady approach by taking out the Ursha’s then Dark Elven Rangers.  Finishing up with Xing Zhe himself.

Team: Veromos(L), Iona, Chasun, Water Homie, Theomars

A little crowd control, damage dealing, and big heals help to accomplish the task!  Same as above, the strategy will be the same, just find the right monsters that fit into your crew.

Trial of Ascension 83F Dover Eluin

TOA 83, to be honest and frank I included this floor because I got stuck.  I don’t want to lie even after clearing TOA for several months now you do get stuck or hit a roadblock once and a while with your team.

This floor particularly I wanted to showcase two different teams to help with TOA 83F Dover Eluin.  Floor 83 of this months Trial of Ascension can be a show stopper if you are not fully prepared for the two Dovers and three Eluins.  My team is not fully farmable but the strategy remains the same.  Try and spank down the Eluins then move on to the dovers.  To achieve this you will need some speed, and really a decent CC team.  You will want some stunner instead of Iris and Hommie to most likely help do the trick!

Dover Eluin Teams:

Veromos(L), Bernard, Hommie Water, Iris, Chasun

Veromos(L), Bernard, Sigmarus, Chasun, Theomars (run starts @ 3:30)

Trial of Ascension 90F Poseidon

Take out the Dark Taoist  Woohak first then the Fucos, and close out with Poseidon.  The way I was able to accomplish this floor was with speed.  The big thing that allowed me to close it out was bringing in both Verdehile and Bernard.  I was almost able to complete it without Verdehile.  Some other combos I saw was the use of everyones favorite Baretta, but you could definitely get the job done with a little more crowd control then I used.  I would also suggest using Aria, but unfortunately mine was not at 6 star to get the job done for me.

Team: Veromos(L), Verdehile, Bernard, Belladeon, Chasun

Trial of Ascension 100F Ath’taros

This video still holds true on how you want to approach TOA 100F when the monster boss is Ath’taros.  The idea is to take out the left crystal, right crystal, and then the boss.  This is the most tried and true approach to completing the floor.

Team: Veromos (L), Belladeon, Iona, Theomars, Chasun

I realize the team used to beat the level is not 100% farmable.  In my case the strategy was to get high health, big heals, and one DPSer.  With that said, you can sub in different monsters for the ones you do not have to beat TOA 100F.


In summary, I showcased my Summoners War Trial of Ascension team to help produce a Trial of Ascension Guide for June/July 2017.  Not all the monsters are farmable, but the general strategy and ideas remain constant.  I hope you were able to find this Summoners War Guide useful, and may your Trial of Ascension runs in this recent month prove successful Summoners!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments please leave them below, and I will be happy to respond.

Summoners War a Week in Review (1/9/17 to 1/15/17)

Summoners War a Week in Review (1/9/17 to 1/15/17)

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This was the first full week into the new year of 2017 in Summoners War, and a lot went down! Not only did Com2Us change up the Cairos Dungeon Drops, they switched up Hall of Heroes with update v3.2.1.  This week I accomplished an impressive Summoners War Milestone.  Summoners War Trial of Ascension Normal Stage 100 is no small feat.


This week’s theme is knocking out of the park! Do you ever get so happy or nervous that you are going to screw something up and get the shakes?  Or you experience something for the first time that is sort of surreal and you think you are in the wrong place? Well that is sort of how I felt this week getting to Trial of Ascension Stage 100.

First time Beating Trial of Ascension Stage 100

If you have been adamantly reading my weekly blogs you will also understand why this is such a big deal to me.  Previously the highest I was able to ascend Summoners War Trial of Ascension Normal was Stage 78.  Completing all 100 was a huge improvement relative to my last performance.  I was even able to up my TOA Hard to Stage 49 from 36.  As probably already noted I was severely happy to complete this and reach a new milestone in Summoners War.

What was different?

Honestly, the biggest improvement I believe in my TOAN team was the runes.  As mentioned the previous week, and I believe I mention it in the video, I was able to make really good use of the Free Rune Removal day.  I swapped out like 7 runes to 6 star on my main monsters.  Then going into TOAN I had them all upgraded to level 12 or better.

The other piece of this was I really worked on rotating my monsters around.  I was able to auto to TOAN Stage 75, and TOAH 33.  Once I hit the walls, I started working with my team, and paying attention to the stage battles.  I would jump in at times when I needed to target specific monsters.

There was no special monster that was summoned from my last TOAN attempt.  Also, I didn’t use any new six star monsters in TOAN either.  The one thing I do like about this is it helps show the scalability of the game where if you put in your time and effort you can reach new heights in Summoners War.  The pay off is great too, because now I should hopefully be able to get a new legendary scroll every 30 days with my team.

Trial of Ascension Strategy

I will definitely say I don’t think my strategy is or was as typical of what summoners probably do.  In my case you see I am very heavily heal based.  I went for big health, big heals, and chip damage.  The strategy obviously ended up paying off for me as I was able to complete Stage 100.

Team: Veromos (Leader), Theomars, Belladeon, Iona, Chasun

Like I said above, I was extremely nervous once I hit TOAN Stage 100.  I was worried I was going to get there and fail miserably.  My crew was able to best Stage 100 on the second try.  I definitely recommend not going straight to the face on the final boss, and taking the crystals out first.  Unlike me, you may be able to beat him on the first attempt.

Update v3.2.1

Hall of Heroes Wind Pirate

I really enjoy the new Hall of Heroes update for a few different reasons.  First and foremost I was able to get more pieces in the update then I could grinding all weekend.  The second is instead of grinding Hall of Heroes all weekend I was able to work on other Summoners War things.  I felt like I was winning all around! I was able to get to level 6, tried multiple times, but the monsters at 5/6 with the rezzing and damage I couldn’t best.

Rune Drop Update

A few weeks ago Com2Us said in their developers notes they were changing the Rune Drops in Cairos Dungeon.  To make a long story short they have removed four star runes from Dungeon Floor 10 runs.  This is a big deal as it should improve the runes you get on the runs ideally allowing you to get your monsters to where you want them faster.

The other thing they mentioned was that the drop rates would remain the same.  This is something I am curious about, because were 5 & 6 star runes actually dropped at the same rate?  I don’t think so, and if not how does this effect things going forward?  I’ve decided to continue my previous experiment prior to update v3.2.1 to test this out.

Rune Update

The Summoners War Update v3.2.1 put a halt on the drop rate percents, as I was trying to get to at least 1000 runs before tallying anything.  However, I have already started to pull together the data to see where we get.  I have also as mentioned above began efforts on the next data set for comparison.

Final Giant B10 Run Count: 813

Final Dragon B10 Run Count: 227

V3.2.1 Giant B10 Run Count: 19

V3.2.1 Dragon B10 Run Count: 86

The_Stand Guild Wars

This week was a mediocre performance going 3-7 for attacking battles.

Rating: 1003

Rank: 7927

GamertagMythras PvP

Big rating this week, I think my highest ever, but not my highest ranking.  I did hit Fighter 2 which was a first.

Rating: 1374

Rank: 49417


Notable Mentions

2017 New Year Lucky Dice Event

I got all but one of the rolls for the lucky dice event, as I fell asleep one night before claiming it.  Anyway you can view the rolls and rewards I get from the event.

World Boss

I was able to achieve a new status in the World Boss.  I climbed to Conqueror 2 for the first time!

Level 15 Runes


All I can say is incredible.  Last week was such an action packed week of Summoners War.  I am very happy of the completion of Trial of Ascension Stage 100 and the Summoners War Milestone I was able to achieve.  I think Com2Us implemented a lot of great changes with update v3.2.1.  Until next week summoners keep on summoning!

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Summoners War a Week in Review (12/12/16 to 12/18/16)

Summoners War a Week in Review (12/12/16 to 12/18/16)

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Summoners War over the past week was quite brutal to be honest.  Coming off the back of the previous weeks Rainbowmon Party with Penguin Event I really wanted to complete the whole event.  Making it definitely worse for myself, and most likely a significant loss of resources that were underutilized in my opinion.  However, sometimes that is the name of the game, and sacrifices must be made to get there.  I also deviate to some real time PvP in the World Arena Special Opening Event.

The past week also features something new to the Summoners War a Week in Review blog which was Trial of Ascension (ToA).  To date I have not covered tha, and that was an additional focus for the week. Mainly due to the ToA reset, I wanted to see how far up the ladder I could climb.


Piggy backing off the previous week, we will continue this past weeks theme in similar fashion of an experience grind with a twist.  The twist being the ascension of ToA.  I know a lot of users who read the blog like to benchmark my progression against their own gameplay.  This is one of the many reasons why I enjoy sharing even minor successes week over week, to help provide gamers with an idea of their own personal progress with Summoners War.

First and foremost as mentioned in the intro for the week I was able to complete the Rainbowmon Party with Penguin Knight Event…barely.  I finished it off with roughly nine hours left.  The last monster I decided to six star was Megan for the event.

It was definitely rough as I decided not to use experience boosters this week, and I didn’t have the necessary fodder to do it quickly coming off the week before.  It was because of not having the appropriate resources I had to slog it out the hard way.  This meant as I mentioned last week I continued the experience grind in Faimon Hell with Lapis because it is a slower grind, and I could at least build back some resources.  With the slow progression I was able to get enough scrolls to slowly meet my needs for the evolution fodder, however it was not quick.

A user I ran into on Reddit mentioned based off the last post why not farm Aiden Forest to get the necessary fodder.  I did spend time trying out this strategy, and there are a few things I wanted to mention.  They suggested doing Aiden and Faimon on Hard to not get the crafting materials, and increase scroll drops.  The thing I discovered about this was even though you get the scroll drops hopefully at a higher rate its 2 per drop instead of 5.  I also, tested out my Lushen to attempt Aiden Hell, as I do believe that’s better farming then Faimon Hell once I am able to do it.  Alas, Lushen got crushed, but now I have something additional to work on for farming.

Ultimately these are the kinds of discussions I want to drive, and look at new ways to approach Summoners War.  I think the suggestions were great, but after testing for my personal taste I decided to continue with my Faimon Hell Lapis slow grind for the week approach.  The other thing the user incited me to do was to continue the actual area progression.  I forgot that I hadn’t completed everything so I decided to close out Chiruka Remains Hard to finish off the Hard difficulty mode of the game.

Trial of Ascension

Aside from that minor distraction during the week I pursued two others.  Those other distractions were Trial of Ascension and the Third World Arena Event.  Previously for Trial of Ascension I was able to get to Stage 67.  This time I was able to improve that to 78 for Trial of Ascension Normal.  I also was at Stage 29 for TOA Hard.  I was able to best Stage 29 and improve the climb to Stage 36.

Trial of Ascension Stage 75 Beat

World Arena Special Opening Event

Last week I did take a good part of my day to pursue the new World Arena Special Opening Event.  I crafted a pretty fun interesting video of the experience.

I learned a lot about the World Arena, and definitely its difficulties or really what my gameplay lacks for live PvP interactions.  I thought jumping into battle right away would allow me to ascend the leader boards quickly, but man was I wrong.  You definitely want a good diversity of monsters when you take up Arena, and definitely some semblance of a strategy.  Which to be completely honest I really lacked that part for the World Arena.  That strategy is also a smidge different then general PvP.  Lots of similar things I saw were using Bernard for speed and attack bar boosts to quickly get off your first round of attacks on your opponents.  Another strategy was using fire epikion priest Chloe’s third skill Fanatic to make your units invincible getting off your attacks, and picking the best utilization of your monsters skills.  Overall, I am glad I spent a decent chunk of time on this, and look forward to spending more over the course of the event as it is 30 days long.

Rune Update

Aside from the experience grind, I was able to sneak away for some Giants Rune grinding over the past week.

Giant B10 Run Count: 352

Dragon B10 Run Count: 38

The_Stand Guild Wars

This week The_Stand finished 500 (6-6), and closed in with a rating of 1004.  There were definitely some guild wars we should have won, but that’s just how it goes unfortuntately.

GamertagMythras PvP

Closed in probably my highest rating ever for a week at 1298.  I am continuing the low defense until Sunday grind.

Fire Martial Cat Secret Dungeon

Notable Mentions

World Boss

I maintained my G1 status for the World Boss for the Week.


Over the course of the past week I eagerly took on some much needed distractions from the experience grind of Summoners War, but with that said was able to finish out the second six star monster for the event.  On top of all of it I made great progress in Trial of Ascension, and participated in the World Arena Special Opening Event.  Like always summoners until next week, keep on summoning.

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