Summoners War a Week in Review (7/3/17 to 7/9/17)

Summoners War a Week in Review (7/3/17 to 7/9/17)

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Last week I was able to make some incredible progress in Summoners War.  A few things definitely helped contribute to that progress across both my accounts.  First and foremost, you should always be trying to take advantage of Free Rune Removal (FRR).  The next thing that helped was really a little Summoners War RNG.  Nothing like a little Random Number Generation that falls in your favor, something I will talk about a little later.


As I have talked about FRR before in the past, my focus for this weeks theme will revolve more around Summoners War RNG and Summoners War Summon Rates.  I think this is always a fun, exciting, and most definitely frustrating topic for all Summoners.  Not just in Summoners War, but also in many other games or challenges you may potentially face in life.  Especially, with things like becoming a millionaire by winning the lottery! Seriously, not advocating that.

Account Progression

KidMythras Alt Account

This past week I hit my 60 days of account creation!  My Alt account is moving along pretty quickly, and I plan to write a separate piece, and probably video just to talk more indepth about how far I made it in 60 days.  I do want to mention a few high-level items about the topic though.  First, Summoners War has made it much easier for noobs to play the game.  The addition of Reina’s Challenges have really helped get a good footing in the game.  With the rewards really helping to tee you up for success, and to be honest layout a good game path that wasn’t there before.  I like how they broke it down for specific topics of focus as well.

Also as everyone knows my favorite Faimon Hell Farming with Lapis! Seriously though, I did six star Lapis first after my first 30 days of game play.  Here is the link to what I did achieve in 30 days:

Faimon Hell Farmer Lapis

One of the major reasons I did this is it created an immediate focus for the account, and a farmer.  You will most likely spend most of your time farming stuff, and early game Summoners War Experience for you monsters is crucial for progression.  It definitely paid off for me in the first days of game play, and didn’t give me room for hesitation on who to six star.  Also, to be honest I hadn’t summoned any monsters that would lead me to immediately want to six star anyway.  Closest at that time would have been Water Harp Magician.  However, I would have preferred a damage dealer like Hwa.  Also, I have been farming Faimon Hell with a Fatal Blade set! More to come on that as well, some additional tips for this.

The other piece I wanted to mention was the steady progression I have already made in Monster Fusion.  My summoning sessions have got me very close to completing the Wind Valkyrja Katarina.  I am one Water Grim Reaper Hemos Away.  Most of the monsters I also have leveled up due to Lapis.  I have also fused Baretta, and made great progress on Veromos.  Following my personal Veromos Guide:

Summoners War RNG & Summoners War Summon Rates

Now a quick fun discussion point on the Summoners War Random Number Generator.  First off, the Summoners War RNG Gods were in my corner last week.  I was able to summon some killer monsters across both my accounts that made my day.  I did my largest summoning to date and am currently editing the videos for everyone.  I will let you know that I got my Galleon, not only once but twice! So that is a little RNG love right there, and one on each account.  Very happy about that, and you will just need to subscribe so you don’t miss the Summon Session.

Now as far as RNG goes in Summoners War last week someone posted on reddit the summon rates.  Apparently in the Korean server or something they became visible.  I am reposting the list here from a reddit article:

Mystical and Elemental Scrolls

  • Nat 5 – 0.5%
  • Nat 4 – 8.0%
  • Nat 3 – 91.5%

Exclusive Stones and L&D

  • Nat 5 – 0.5%(so 10,000 stones)
  • Nat 4 – 8.0%
  • Nat 3 – 91.5%


  • Nat 5 – 0.35%
  • Nat 4 – 6.0%
  • Nat 3 – 93.65%

Legendary and Transcendence

  • Nat 5 – 6.5%
  • Nat 4 – 93.5%
  • Nat 3 – Just Kidding

Transcendence is self explanatory.

Temple of Wishes

  • Rainbowmon – 1.6%
  • King Angelmon – 1.6%
  • Crystal 10/15/20 – 22.4%
  • Crystal 50/100/150 – 2.0%
  • Mana 10,000 – 28.9%
  • Mana 30k/50k/70k – 2.0%
  • Mana 150k – 1.5%
  • Energy 15 – 24.0%
  • Arena Wings 5 – 12.0%
  • Mystical Scroll – 2.0%
  • Rune – 1.5%
  • Monster – 0.5%


Essentially Summoners War RNG is not so random anymore!  Which is another reason why I wanted to talke about RNG.  In reality you could argue its not really random because it is defined by a set of criteria.  This would then make it Pseudo Random.  Why its PRNG is that there is a determined set of criteria.


To save some time here a little overlap as before.  Had some Summoners War RNG land in my favor on my main.

To cover Free Rune Removal a little more in depth it was definitely more of a focus on my main account.  To prepare for it I had a Rune Crafting Session where I crafted over 50 runes!  I was able to get some Legendries and some other six-star runes to enhance a few of my monsters.  Last week’s FRR was also one of the most successful in terms of monster upgrades.  I re-runed Stella, Baretta, Hwa, and stripped some of my lower monsters to transition them to 4-star fodder.  All-in I spent well over six million mana upgrading the new adjusted runes on them as well.

Rune Craft Session

A couple other key notes was that I six starred Stella, and awakened her.  I completed Summoners War R5 for the first time.  Another video to come there.  On top of it all I was able to skill up Homie’s level four skill.  I have one last skill to enhance on Homie and he will then be complete!

Major progress last week on my main account all around.  Definitely one of the biggest boosts in a while things to some RNG love, and the Summoners War Free Rune Removal.


Wow this has been a wordy blog with a lot of heavy topics.    Lots of those topics I could spend a ton more time and probably will in the future.  Especially since they could each have their own blog I’m sure!  I hope you enjoyed the progression on my alt and main.  Additionally, I hope you enjoyed seeing the Summoners War Summon Rates, and hitting the topic on Summoners War RNG in doing so.  Until next time Summoners keep on summoning!

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Run Times:

Will update in next blog*

GB10: 2:03

DB10: 3:22

NB10: 2:41

TOAN: 100 Completed

TOAH: 75+

Summoners War a Week in Review (2/27/17 to 3/5/17)

Summoners War a Week in Review (2/27/17 to 3/5/17)

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This week I made some very big progression strides, and did some in-depth analysis regarding summon rates, and magic shop refreshes.  I definitely got great value out of my time last week.  Even more so I was happy my strategy going into Necropolis B10 was correct!  Unfortunately it was a week later then I was hoping, but better late than never as they always say.


Detailed analysis is our guide for the week.  Mainly it was detailed analysis that enabled a few things in my Summoners War game play this week.  The first of those was the analysis I did a while back on Necropolis and how I could beat Necropolis B10.  My approach definitely paid off.  The second part of this week’s theme is furthering the understanding of summon rates and magic shop refreshes.

Necropolis B10

Accomplishing Necropolis B10 was a long sought after goal for me in my game progression.  Over the weekend I was able to complete it because of a few things.  The first piece that allowed me to beat Necropolis B10 for the first time was my initial time investment.  I recognized a few things I needed to change up with my team to accomplish the goal.  Those pieces were getting the correct multi hitting monsters to take down the necropolis.  The second part of that investment as well piece to the NB10 puzzle was rebuilding Hwa with violent focus runes instead.  I needed to get her off swift focus because I needed the extra hits in for necropolis.

I believe last week I mentioned that I needed to adjust Hwa as my final tweak to get the job done.  It seems I was correct in that analysis which is always great.  The thing that allowed me to do this was careful planning for the Free Rune Removal day that was also over the weekend.  I split my time throughout the week running Dragons B10 in hopes of some better runes in which I had in violent to enable Hwa to take down Necro B10.  Ultimately completing Necropolis B10 came to fruition with some detailed analysis on my own monsters, and tweaks to the team.  Now only to improve the success rates and times for the runs.

Summoners War Summon Rates

One thing I wanted to take a deeper look into was Summoner Wars Summon Rates.  The video is a very detailed explanation of the analysis.  The data is provided by

Summoners War Magic Shop Refreshes

Another item that had been on the top of my list for a while was to analyze the magic shop refresh theory.  The prevailing idea is that spending crystals on Magic Shop Refreshes is better than spending them on things like the Premium Packs.


I initially wanted to take a look back when I produced my analysis on Giants B10 drops rates. So, it was my pleasure to finally have the time to do the analysis last week.  The data was taken from  My conclusion is really two fold.  The Magic Shop Refresh strategy should mainly be used if you have a ton of mana, and that will typically occur when you are a late game player.  One item I did not mention though in the video is the cost of your time to do this.  It might not be worth it even at late game to continuously refresh the shop.  The second is that I feel overall spending the crystals on premium packs is the better way to go for most players, and from a collective value feel.  What purchasing premium packs does lack is obviously the variety of items that come with the Magic Shop.

Rune Update

Giant B10 Run Count: 170

Dragon B10 Run Count: 552

The_Stand Guild Wars

We accidently took a week off.  Needed to rework the guild.  Always looking for new members!

Rating: N/A

Rank: N/A

GamertagMythras PvP

I was able to get in over 200+ attacks again.  I decided to leave my defense weak all week.  I may stick to this strategy again for a while just to try to maximize glory points.

Rating: 1120

Rank: 118311

Notable Mentions

Water Martial Artist Secret Dungeon


Accomplishing Necropolis B10 was a great feat for me last week, and has really helped me move towards that late game feel.  On top of my personal Summoners War progress I was able to contribute some additional detailed analysis insights to the community around Summon Rates and the Magic Shop Refresh rates.  Until next week summoners keep on summoning!

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Run Times:

GB10: 2:03

DB10: 3:22

NB10: 2:41

TOAN: 100 Completed

TOAH: 75+