Summoners War a Week in Review (1/30/17 to 2/5/17)

Summoners War a Week in Review (1/30/17 to 2/5/17)

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This past week I made a fairly sizable shift in my strategy for the upcoming week.  With that said I will discuss this week why I decided to move that direction.  On top of that I was able to complete the Water Phoenix Sigmarus Fusion!


Summoners War Focus is this week’s theme.  Ideally, building off the previous weeks Sigmarus Fusion coming to fruition, and moving forward with a new strategy on how I want to progress.  I don’t plan on over killing the Sigmarus Fusion as I covered that quite a bit last week, but I did put together a Water Phoenix Sigmarus Fusion Guide on things to consider as a Summoner to help at any stage in the game.

Water Phoenix Sigmarus Fusion Guide

Sigmarus is definitely playing in to my going forward Summoners War Focus agenda.  Personally, I am closing in on a year of Summoners War I am excited to say.  However, on top of that I am actually starting to regret my account progression. I feel like I haven’t actually achieved enough, on where I would like to be.  It is because of this regret I am actually trying to make a year end sprint, as like a marathon you want to finish strong.

Mainly this regret is rooted in the fact I haven’t beat Necropolis B10 yet.  I am currently at Necropolis B7.  With that said, my goal is to try and crank that out as quickly as possible.  I spent my Summoners War Superbowl day grinding double experience, and building Colleen to help with this task.  On top of that I maxed Sig at 5 stars.  I am hoping going into next week I can potentially six star them to help with the progression on where I would like to be.

Necropolis B7

The other thing I would like to do is get at least a B rating on Rift Fire Beast, and I think Sigmarus will definitely get me there.  The reasoning is primarily as follows, with B ratings or better across the board I will set myself up to get Homonuculus.  I am not currently aggressively pursuing, but I want to be able to take a break once and a while and do some rifting.

Free Rune Removal

The Free Rune Removal day is always one of my favorite events.  Unfortunately for me I did not take full advantage of it this time around.  Prior to the event I spent a good portion of the week running Dragons B10 for Runes.  I honestly only upgraded Theomars, and the rune was a Speed Rune I crafted.  Theomars is definitely a truck though right now.

The other thing I did was take a look at Rune Optimizer.  I was curious to see how this could help me out with my journey.  The one thing it did do was affirm my current rune builds on my monsters, and that I was currently optimized correctly.  On top of that I was approaching everything in the right methodology, which was definitely nice to know.  I believe the application can definitely help provide insights on your rune sets, and Summoners War Gameplay.

Rune Update

I was able to crank out a decent amount of runs (about 150) in preparation of FRR.  I even got one of my first Legendary six star runes from DB10.

Giant B10 Run Count: 103

Dragon B10 Run Count: 358

The_Stand Guild Wars

The_Stand is back! At least the guild was able to finish strong this week, with probably one of its best performances.  We also added a new player to the group, and look forward to their contributions in the future.  We won most of the defensive battles, but we did finish less than 500 on attacks.  An area for improvement again, but personally I did screw up a battle that I could of closed for a win.  The problem I have is a lot of times I like to let others attack first, and in doing so I sometimes forget to finish up my attacks.

Rating: 1029

Rank: 4855

GamertagMythras PvP

Another mediocre week in my personal PVP.  Made Fighter 1 again for the week, and I didn’t spend a lot of time on PvP.

Rating: 1234

Rank: 58177

Notable Mentions

World Boss

Continuing to hit A- on my first hits.  Which was a relief after spending vast amounts of resources to fuse Sigmarus.

Secret Dungeon First Mystic Witch

Level 15 Runes

I got a record setting 5 maxed six star runes this week.  It seems my average has been around two a week.  I was really happy about this.


I spent sometime this week crafting 10 violent runes.  I was able to get a nice legendary and my first violent Speed Rune.


It was a great week completing my Sigmarus fusion, and formulating my Summoners War Focus strategy in my final few weeks to my one year.  Aside from the regrets as mentioned I have a plan going forward with some goals I am hoping to achieve in Summoners War.  Until next time summoners, keep on summoning.

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Summoners War a Week in Review (1/2/17 to 1/8/17)

Summoners War a Week in Review (1/2/17 to 1/8/17)

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Summoners War progression success definitely happened last week. The past Summoners War week was deceivingly successful in my opinion.  The majority of the progress stemmed from all the randomness of the weeks gameplay.  However, it can definitely be measured in my mind from the free rune removal day quantitatively.  The progress also includes Rift Raid runs, Wind Battle Mammoth Secret Dungeon, and of course the rune runs for the week.  On another note it was a complete turnaround in Guild Wars for the week with quite a twist.


This week I embarked on a random journey that led to a lot of in game progress for my Summoners War account, and it is for that reason of the back bone of last week, I will go with the theme of success.  It really was a big turnaround in Summoners War performance on many levels this week. The biggest thing I would say collectively was The_Stand guilds performance.

Last week The_Stand failed miserably.  This week I reworked the teams, cut the attacking and defending members down to 10 total from 13 the previous week.  Surprisingly this made all the difference, and in one area I was not really paying much attention to.  You are definitely aloud to laugh at this piece as well, we made C1 for the first time as a guild. Now that might not be the funny part, but this certainly is…We did it with a losing attacking record…Yeah, that is right we went 3-7, and didn’t fight two matches unfortunately.

At this point you are probably either still laughing or scratching your head.  What was this special factor allowing us to make C1 for the first time as a guild? Well, here is something to think about, that a lot of times we forget about in Guild Wars.  I will put it plain and simple “Defense”.  Yeah, we ended up going 9-0 in our defense for the week.  We climbed from the bottomless pit where we were sitting last week, all because of our defense.  With that said, I am going to pay a lot more attention to this in the future.  On top of that, we do not set easy defense anyway, so I was extremely happy to see this turnaround for the week.

Another item of focus this week for me was inspired by a fellow guild mate Wargod.  War was looking for some Rift Raid help, so before having the opportunity to sync up, I pushed my monsters to the max to see if I could clear some new levels.

Rift Raid Level 2

Rift Raid Level 3

For not really doing my Rift Raiding, as you all know from my previous posts this was also very successful.  On top of that I was able to develop a decent carry team that can be seen in the videos for Rift Raid Level 1, to help out my guild mate Wargod.  We ended up syncing up and running raids about 10 times before Wargod accidently fell asleep. It was pretty funny.

Another big achievement for the week was paired with GB10 & DB10 runs along with the weekend event Free Rune Removal Day.  On Wednesday I decided to really push my rune hunting to prep for the weekend event.  Stuff really paid off last week for me because I was able to swap out seven five star runes for six star, and then spent around 1.5 million mana leveling those to twelve for the time being.  This was a huge improvement for all my main monsters, which were primarily my six star ones.  I am very excited to see how things go, and already have noticed some efficiency and speed improvements with the rune upgrades.

One of the other big pieces for the week was again the weekend event.  This time it was the Wind Battle Mammoth Secret Dungeon.

I was able to get over 400+ Wind Battle Mammoth pieces during the event over the weekend.  My goal was to get 400 which I was able to surpass.  I set this goal for two reasons.  First, of which was if I happen to summon Dark Battle Mammoth Basalt, I can skill him up.  The next has been from previous monster leveling experience.  I have typically ran into bottle necks by not having enough fodder and the event was able to help me add some fuel to the fodder fire.  A lot of people also use Water Battle Mammoth, and it is because of all these reason I decided to push the Wind Battle Mammoth Secret Dungeon over the weekend.

Rune Update

Giants B10 and Dragons B10 runs were definitely a focus last week for Free Rune Removal day.  Strong progress was made, and I am closing in on the one thousand mark for Giants.  Hopefully, I can get it done before the drop rate adjustment, but we will see.

Giant B10 Run Count: 750

Dragon B10 Run Count: 219

The_Stand Guild Wars

We had a huge turnaround finishing Conqueror 1 for the first time as a guild.

Rating: 1020

Rank: 6135

GamertagMythras PvP

Lots of battles in again this week.  Nothing significant over the previous ones.

Rating: 1258

Rank: 55142

Notable Mentions

World Boss

The World Boss was completed twice last week, the first one I got C1, then followed by F3.

Baretta Fusion

I summoned the Water Mystical Archer this week, and leveled her up to four star, and max experience.  Pretty much set for Baretta Fusion at this point.

Level 15 Runes

Level 40 Monsters – Jamire


The past week of Summoners War was an exciting one, with a lot of progress made on multiple fronts.  I was extremely pleased with The_Stand Guild War results this week, and hope we can win more attacking battles in the future.  I was so happy I was able to upgrade so many monsters with rune improvements with the FRR event, and glad I was able to help Wargod along with improving my own Rift Raiding for the week.  Until next time Summoners, keep on summoning.

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Summoners War a Week in Review (11/28/16 to 12/4/16)

Summoners War a Week in Review (11/28/16 to 12/4/16)

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We made some major progress this week in Summoners War.  On the flip side I will definitely say I have probably spent more time playing this week, then an average week due to several life events.  First, off my cat Caesar is finally better.  He has a tenacious knack like most cats to do stuff you wouldn’t think of. Not only does he love strings he apparently likes to eat your drawstrings off pants and sweaters.  A thousand dollar vet bill later we figure out that’s what had plugged him, was a not in one of those strings.  It took him about three days to pass through his system.  Because of keeping a close eye on him I spent a lot of time playing Summoners War.

It is definitely because of Caesar I got a lot more game time in as I was up almost all night worrying about him, and making sure he wasn’t puking all over.  With that said I accomplished two major things in Giants and hit new PvP highs.  On top of Caesar I had a crazy 80+ hour work week which added to longer hours of gameplay.


Aside from the last two weeks I focused my attention on something totally new I don’t know if you heard of it, but it’s called Dragons 10.  That’s right, I felt it was finally time to take down that dungeon once and for all, and not “cheat” by wasting some crystals.

Dragon B10 Beat

– Team (Iona, Theomars, Belladeon, Veromos, Konamiya – Face Team 70% Auto, Left Crystal First 95%+ Auto)

My goal for the week was to beat Dragons.  Now unfortunately I believe I set off in the wrong direction not once, but two times! With that said I would like to share some Dragon B10 tips or pointers while covering how Dragon B10 rationale.

For reference here is video of beating Dragons B10 for the first time.

First off, my thoughts were my Belladeon has enough accuracy for consistent debuffs so we may as go straight to the face.  Now, I can finish Dragons B9 extremely fast by this method, but as you all are aware it is extraordinarily different the Dragons B10.  In reality the correct way to start Dragon B10 is left crystal, right crystal, dragon.  This is the normal way to do it, not straight to the face right away.  However, sometimes you can do that based off your monsters.  I spent more time than most probably tweaking my team for the wrong reasons, however I eventually got the job done.

The other issue is I knew one important piece or helpful piece for completing Dragon B10 is Konamiya for cleansing your troops of dots.  Veromos also works well for cleansing but typically you want him on violent runes for that.  In my case he does not have violent runes on him.  The other mistake I made with Konamiya was when I set off I didn’t realize right away that the skills were not fully maxed.  I kept running Dragon B10, and going why is he taking so long to cast the cleanse skill.  Then I was like “Rookie mistake,” and proceeded to waste about 100 scroll summons and a lot of mana for not.  I literally got two garudas in the summons.  I got lucky and one of my fiend’s had a garuda dungeon and I spent the next hour grinding out garudas for skills.

The last piece that was sort of holding me back without realizing it was Water Mystic Witch Megan.  Lots of people suggest using her, and I full heartedly agree.  My issue was that she was still at 4 stars.  She is definitely high on my list now.  The other thing I want to mention here is don’t underestimate resistance.  I was able to complete Dragon B10 with Iona at leader.  You can easily swap her for Fire Ifrit Tesarion who gives you even a higher resistance for your team then Iona.  Just something to think about as an alternative approach.

Here is a video of my failed attempt that was the closest I got, and got me a lot of feedback on using Megan.

Dragon B10 Tips Summary

Here are the three things I would highlight about Dragon B10

  • Left Crystal, Right Crystal, Dragon – First
  • Get Megan to five star or greater
  • Just be sure your monsters are all set so you don’t waste time like me, points 1 and 2 more important
  • Consider Tesarion as an alternative leader

Giant B10 Update

This week I switched my team up and made it more of a speed team with Jamire in lead.  This led me to some personal bests on the run.


This week instead of giving a rune update I have switched to a new method.  Every run I complete I take a screenshot of what was dropped. My goal is to get around one thousand runs, and calculate drops for everyone.  I will also do this for Dragon B10 also, and then share the results.  Here is where I am currently at:

Giant B10 Run Count: 233

Dragon B10 Run Count: 38

The_Stand Guild Wars

This week was better than las week for The_Stand and the guild wars.  We ended at 1006 rating, and had a winning record for the week of seven wins and five losses.  Going into the last battle we were at 1025, and considered not doing the last battle.  Unfortunately by accident there was some miscommunication and the vice leader accidently started one.

GamertagMythras PvP

This was another personal record week for PvP!  I was able to hit over 1300 during the week for the first time, and even better I finished at 1310.

After last week’s 220 attacks I didn’t think I could top it, and I was wrong.  I was able to squeak out a 250+ attack week.  Again, really racking up those glory points.  I should be going on a glory point shopping spree one of these days!


Free Rune Removal Event (FRR)

I did want to highlight a few things here.  I think everyone knows the obvious to definitely take advantage of the Free Rune Removal day, but I also want to point out the importance in other areas people might not be thinking about.  One big area is when you are swapping out your runes on your “A Team” of Monsters this really allows you to boost the rest.  Typically you are trading up runes at different stages of the game, and this then allows you to pass those nice runes down the chain to less used monsters.  This is extremely important because it helps upgrade for things like the World Boss.

The other thing to keep in mind is sometimes you might as well stop selling runes so you can play around with you non “A Team” monster builds.  It can be fun, and help again with progression.  In my case I typically only keep six star runes and sell the rest unless they are five star legendary.  When I know it’s a FRR I stop selling runes that week for this specific reason.

I swapped out 5 runes on my six star monsters, and 10 plus on my five star monsters.  This was a very successful FRR event, and I was just glad I had the time to do it.

screenshot_20161203-145949 screenshot_20161203-150040 screenshot_20161203-150137

I was able to make full upgrades across the board this week, and improve all my monster lines over the weekend.  I will also note that I spent roughly six hours Saturday moving runes around.  The one thing that can hinder your progress is when you do up trade on runes with your “A Team” you may not have the mana to actually make the runes better.  Keep this in mind, because it could be a short term setback if you haven’t planned for it.

Notable Mentions

Piggy Bank Event

Secret Dungeon Water Living Armor

With the mana farmed from Faimon Hell I was able to level up a six star rune from 12 to 15.

I was able to level a six star rune to 15.


Jamire became a six star monster this week, and my new team lead for Giants B10.  I was able to quickly level him with Wind Angelmon from purchasing premium packs from my last Chasing Trophy Monsters Video.

I crafted about 10 violent runes this week.  I was able to pick up one six star Legendary violent rune.


World Boss I hit G2 for the first time, but somehow finished F3.  What’s kind of bothering me over the last few weeks is once I hit G1 I swear somehow there was a new mass amount of players that have been playing again that have pushed me back down to F3.

Megan, Su, Aria, Emma, Gildong, Trevor all became a part of my monster crew.  Yes, all were awakened this week.


Huge week in Summoners War with a lot of upside and lessons learned.  I hope you were able to take some personal pointers away this week on things like Dragons B10 runs, and like me were able to utilize the FRR day.  Until next week Summoners, keep on summoning.

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