Summoners War a Month in Review (3/27/17 to 4/2/17)

Summoners War a Month in Review (3/27/17 to 4/2/17)

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Wow I’m lazy.  This past month had been really hard for me to stay on top of a weekly blog, and apologies to those who reached out, and wanted to hear about how my progression was doing.  With that said this week I am going to take a look a look back at the whole month of March! We start that Summoners War Homonuculus grind, do we finish?


This week’s theme will be centered on laziness.  I’m kidding, I am actually going to focus on Homunculus!  Yeah, that’s right.  The main reason is because in the month of March I was able to summon the beast mode monster, along with a few other things.

Month of March

In the past month I made some major strides along a bunch of lines.  Instead of trying to write it all out I’m actually going to take a little bit of a different approach by listing out a bunch of things that happened:

  • Completed Level-Up Event
  • 6* Lisa (Rational was for raid)
  • 6* Astar (Improve completion expectancy with Necromancer B10 – It worked)
  • Completed Friends Event
  • Hall of Heroes: Fire Samurai (B6)
  • Week of 3/13 I started Hommie Grind
  • TOAN 100 Completed
  • Summon Session: Chasing Trophy Monsters – Orion Attempt Second Try (Summoned Iris)
  • Awakened Kumar
  • Awakened Iris
  • 6* Sigmarus (Help Fire Rift)
  • Week or 3/27 Summoned Homunculus
  • Real-Time Arena Placement

Chasing Trophy Monsters Orion

I like to think the list above is a fairly good chunk of stuff I was able to complete over the last month despite some actually technology issues with my phone.  I have an HTC One M9, and it’s been over heating all the time.  I recently went in to get it replaced, and in doing so lost some videos like the Homunculus summoning, unfortunately I did not have it backed up.

On top of it all the majority of the down time was honestly spent grind double experience.  As you can see I was able to 6* three monsters in the month of March which is three times my average on one a month.  Mainly due to the timing of the events that occurred in the month.


Honestly in my opinion once you start hitting A’s on the rifts Homunculus is very doable.  I sort of was needing some change from all the double experience grinding so I decided to occasionally rift, which turned into I’m going to farm Homunculus.  However, the thing to know is once you do summon him, you still need to farm skills, skill him up, six star, awaken, and rune.  Your job is not done, and that’s when the Homunculus life really begins.

In all honesty I was told not to focus on Homunculus from multiple sources due to where my account was at.   However, I felt that trying to continue to tweak a monster here and there or swap out wasn’t going to improve my game enough at the pace I wanted to make that time worth it.  That is one additional reason why I decided to farm Homunculus.

Obviously I now have Homunculus, but in looking back on that choice I believe it was the right one to make.  Mainly because it allowed me a casual break in the farming that I had currently been doing, and it was a nice change of pace for something that I found of value.

Rune Update

Giant B10 Run Count: 278

Dragon B10 Run Count: 756

Necromancer B10 Run Count: 139

The_Stand Guild Wars

Honestly I have been embarrassed over the last few weeks since we have not had good participation.  Last week was a bit of a different story at least, and we pulled off some wins.  Please feel free to hit us up and join the crew on Global Server.

Rating: N/A

Rank: N/A

GamertagMythras PvP

After the UI change for the PvP this really took a back seat for me.  I have not been cleaning out my 10 attacks when I should be.

Rating: N/A

Rank: N/A

Notable Mentions

For this month of effort please see the list above.


A lot has happened over the month of March! I just need to soak it all in, and figure out my next steps which will be to continue working on my Hommie.  I am very happy I was able to accomplish so much over the last month and get some lucky summons.  Until next time Summoners keep on summoning.

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Run Times:

GB10: 2:03

DB10: 3:11

NB10: 2:41

TOAN: 100 Completed

TOAH: 75+

Summoners War a Week in Review (1/16/17 to 1/22/17)

Summoners War a Week in Review (1/16/17 to 1/22/17)

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This week was a focus on Summoners War Giants B10 Drop Rates.  Essentially, I probably spent a majority of the week compiling all the data from the runs pre update v3.2.1.  On top of that I held a summoning session, and got myself a new Ifrit!


Analytics was the name of the game last week! The theme of this week’s blog is Summoners War decision making via analytics.  Early in the week I held a “Chasing Trophy Monsters” summoning session.  In those summoning sessions I typically purchase premium packs, then do the summoning.  This helps for multiple things with account growth.  It’s a great source of fodder, which I spent four days last week grinding experience.  The potential monster diversity as well is always a good benefit along with a chance at a game changing monster.  However, I don’t go into the sessions expecting a killer summon.  In fact, in all summoning sessions I have summoned one nat5 monster.

Chasing Trophy Monsters

In the session if you watched the video you will see as mentioned above I typically purchase the premium packs, but in this particular session I held back.  I wanted to analyze my data on mystical scroll drops of Giants B10 before making the purchases, and found some interesting numbers.

Giants B10 Drop Rates

What I find in the video is that in my opinion vs. farming giants for mystical scrolls you are better off using your crystals to purchase the mystical scrolls via premium packs.  Noticeably, this created quite a stir in the community, because current belief is you should do one of two things:

  • Never buy Premium Packs
  • Use crystals to refresh magic shop and purchase Mystical Scrolls with excess crystals

In reality my personal opinion of the two is this:

  • You should buy premium packs, but not for the necessary intent of expecting godly summons, but rather for monster diversity
  • There are trade offs with the shop, and its not even a mid-game strategy in my opinion but more for a 1-5 percenter in Summoners War

I will definitely say this though, if you look at it from a broader strategy of acquiring legendary scroll pieces, potential runes, and other items you should definitely not purchase premium packs.  It’s important to point out there was a very nicely written opinion around Magic Shop Refreshes this week with data from (Which I am not a contributor to currently or have been asked to speak on their behalf).  The collective effort for aggregated data collection happening for us will immediately impact our further understanding of Summoners War.  The one caveat is like always data can be misinterpreted or misconstrued at times, and that is one issue with publishing open data.

Additionally, I hope to do additional analysis on the Magic Shop myself to present some arguments to the community.  However, as noted I still am in the midsts of processing a lot of data, and collecting additional data.  On top of that I can’t forget to keep up with the Joneses by actually playing and enjoying the game!

Rune Update

I did not make big strides in the Rune Update section this week.

Final Giant B10 Run Count: 797* Corrected for bad data

Final Dragon B10 Run Count: 227

V3.2.1 Giant B10 Run Count: 19 (will update next week)

V3.2.1 Dragon B10 Run Count: 86 (will update next week)

The_Stand Guild Wars

This week was a bad performance for us going 3-8.

Rating: 963

Rank: 20247

GamertagMythras PvP

A mediocre week in my personal PVP.  Made Fighter 1 for the week, and I didn’t spend a lot of time on PvP.

Rating: 1209

Rank: 67261

Notable Mentions

Experience Grinding

I was able to take Fire Ifrit Tesarion from his 5 star Summon to 6 stars.  Then I was able to level him to 36.  I spent the majority of the week focused on experience grinding.

Secret Dungeon Event Water Charger Shark

I was really hoping to spend more time on the event over the week primarily to skill up my current Water Charger Shark.  Alas, I was only able to collect 214 pieces.

World Boss

Wasn’t able to maintain C2, fell to C1 for the week.

Level 15 Runes

I leveled two runes to 15 for the week.


This was a big week outside the game, and more Summoners War Community focused for me.  I really think the data crunching will help provide the Summoners War Giants B10 Drop Rates viewpoint from a solo source to help further constructive conversations.  I am excited about my new Ifrit, and hope to try him out more in the coming weeks.  Until next week summoners, keep on summoning.

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