Summoners War a Week in Review (7/3/17 to 7/9/17)

Summoners War a Week in Review (7/3/17 to 7/9/17)

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Last week I was able to make some incredible progress in Summoners War.  A few things definitely helped contribute to that progress across both my accounts.  First and foremost, you should always be trying to take advantage of Free Rune Removal (FRR).  The next thing that helped was really a little Summoners War RNG.  Nothing like a little Random Number Generation that falls in your favor, something I will talk about a little later.


As I have talked about FRR before in the past, my focus for this weeks theme will revolve more around Summoners War RNG and Summoners War Summon Rates.  I think this is always a fun, exciting, and most definitely frustrating topic for all Summoners.  Not just in Summoners War, but also in many other games or challenges you may potentially face in life.  Especially, with things like becoming a millionaire by winning the lottery! Seriously, not advocating that.

Account Progression

KidMythras Alt Account

This past week I hit my 60 days of account creation!  My Alt account is moving along pretty quickly, and I plan to write a separate piece, and probably video just to talk more indepth about how far I made it in 60 days.  I do want to mention a few high-level items about the topic though.  First, Summoners War has made it much easier for noobs to play the game.  The addition of Reina’s Challenges have really helped get a good footing in the game.  With the rewards really helping to tee you up for success, and to be honest layout a good game path that wasn’t there before.  I like how they broke it down for specific topics of focus as well.

Also as everyone knows my favorite Faimon Hell Farming with Lapis! Seriously though, I did six star Lapis first after my first 30 days of game play.  Here is the link to what I did achieve in 30 days:

Faimon Hell Farmer Lapis

One of the major reasons I did this is it created an immediate focus for the account, and a farmer.  You will most likely spend most of your time farming stuff, and early game Summoners War Experience for you monsters is crucial for progression.  It definitely paid off for me in the first days of game play, and didn’t give me room for hesitation on who to six star.  Also, to be honest I hadn’t summoned any monsters that would lead me to immediately want to six star anyway.  Closest at that time would have been Water Harp Magician.  However, I would have preferred a damage dealer like Hwa.  Also, I have been farming Faimon Hell with a Fatal Blade set! More to come on that as well, some additional tips for this.

The other piece I wanted to mention was the steady progression I have already made in Monster Fusion.  My summoning sessions have got me very close to completing the Wind Valkyrja Katarina.  I am one Water Grim Reaper Hemos Away.  Most of the monsters I also have leveled up due to Lapis.  I have also fused Baretta, and made great progress on Veromos.  Following my personal Veromos Guide:

Summoners War RNG & Summoners War Summon Rates

Now a quick fun discussion point on the Summoners War Random Number Generator.  First off, the Summoners War RNG Gods were in my corner last week.  I was able to summon some killer monsters across both my accounts that made my day.  I did my largest summoning to date and am currently editing the videos for everyone.  I will let you know that I got my Galleon, not only once but twice! So that is a little RNG love right there, and one on each account.  Very happy about that, and you will just need to subscribe so you don’t miss the Summon Session.

Now as far as RNG goes in Summoners War last week someone posted on reddit the summon rates.  Apparently in the Korean server or something they became visible.  I am reposting the list here from a reddit article:

Mystical and Elemental Scrolls

  • Nat 5 – 0.5%
  • Nat 4 – 8.0%
  • Nat 3 – 91.5%

Exclusive Stones and L&D

  • Nat 5 – 0.5%(so 10,000 stones)
  • Nat 4 – 8.0%
  • Nat 3 – 91.5%


  • Nat 5 – 0.35%
  • Nat 4 – 6.0%
  • Nat 3 – 93.65%

Legendary and Transcendence

  • Nat 5 – 6.5%
  • Nat 4 – 93.5%
  • Nat 3 – Just Kidding

Transcendence is self explanatory.

Temple of Wishes

  • Rainbowmon – 1.6%
  • King Angelmon – 1.6%
  • Crystal 10/15/20 – 22.4%
  • Crystal 50/100/150 – 2.0%
  • Mana 10,000 – 28.9%
  • Mana 30k/50k/70k – 2.0%
  • Mana 150k – 1.5%
  • Energy 15 – 24.0%
  • Arena Wings 5 – 12.0%
  • Mystical Scroll – 2.0%
  • Rune – 1.5%
  • Monster – 0.5%


Essentially Summoners War RNG is not so random anymore!  Which is another reason why I wanted to talke about RNG.  In reality you could argue its not really random because it is defined by a set of criteria.  This would then make it Pseudo Random.  Why its PRNG is that there is a determined set of criteria.


To save some time here a little overlap as before.  Had some Summoners War RNG land in my favor on my main.

To cover Free Rune Removal a little more in depth it was definitely more of a focus on my main account.  To prepare for it I had a Rune Crafting Session where I crafted over 50 runes!  I was able to get some Legendries and some other six-star runes to enhance a few of my monsters.  Last week’s FRR was also one of the most successful in terms of monster upgrades.  I re-runed Stella, Baretta, Hwa, and stripped some of my lower monsters to transition them to 4-star fodder.  All-in I spent well over six million mana upgrading the new adjusted runes on them as well.

Rune Craft Session

A couple other key notes was that I six starred Stella, and awakened her.  I completed Summoners War R5 for the first time.  Another video to come there.  On top of it all I was able to skill up Homie’s level four skill.  I have one last skill to enhance on Homie and he will then be complete!

Major progress last week on my main account all around.  Definitely one of the biggest boosts in a while things to some RNG love, and the Summoners War Free Rune Removal.


Wow this has been a wordy blog with a lot of heavy topics.    Lots of those topics I could spend a ton more time and probably will in the future.  Especially since they could each have their own blog I’m sure!  I hope you enjoyed the progression on my alt and main.  Additionally, I hope you enjoyed seeing the Summoners War Summon Rates, and hitting the topic on Summoners War RNG in doing so.  Until next time Summoners keep on summoning!

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Run Times:

Will update in next blog*

GB10: 2:03

DB10: 3:22

NB10: 2:41

TOAN: 100 Completed

TOAH: 75+

Summoners War: What to do in your first 30 days?

Summoners War: What to do in your first 30 days?

About a year ago I blogged about my experience in Summoners War First 30 days on my very first foray into Summoners War. A month ago, I decided to start over from scratch and see what’s new, or has changed from a beginner’s point of view.  I can definitely say a lot has changed, and why I wanted to provide some helpful tips in What to do in your first 30 days?  I hope you find these additional details helpful!

Summoners War: First 30 Days (Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide)

First 30 Days #howto

Yes, that is right you should have a decent idea of how to play your first 30 days so you don’t go about wasting all that precious time of yours.  A little research can definitely go a long way.  The first time I blogged about fairly specific stuff to start out.  This time I plan to give you more guide rails then before from what I have found in starting out from scratch.

First 30 Day #howto

In all honesty, I got to hand it to Com2US, because with the introduction of Reina quests and challenges they have really provided great guidelines into the Summoners War Sky Arena World.  Previously the navigation of the game was much more difficult.  Today with the five quest categories you are set up for success in your early game.  What this means for you is that most of the beginning information you need is right there for you, and you don’t have to piece meal everything together.

Reina Challenge

What you need to do is focus on a few things.  The Reina Challenges and more specifically the Daily Dungeons will allow you to quickly pick up various key monsters for your team.  These monsters include Bernard, Shannon, Konamiya, and Ramagos to quickly help advance your team.  You can’t go wrong with building out any of these monsters in the early game.

With the inclusion of Monster Training 101, Fast Leveling Strategy, Daily Dungeon Tips, and Giant’s Keep Master you have a decent set of guide rails.  To break this down more specifically I would do the following after collecting the key monsters for your team.

Reina Challenge Overview

First you will want to start to leverage the elemental dungeons you beat from B7 to awaken your monsters.  Do not spend time grinding the dungeons daily for essence, it is a waste of time in the early game.  However, get to B7 and collect the essences you will need to power up your monsters. You should however, make sure you have the bare minimum to awaken with the mats you get from the B7 Daily Dungeon Tips Challenges.

Next, you will also want to get at least a team of five monsters at five stars.  This will really form the baseline of your team.  Here is my suggestion aside from any new monsters you summon.  I would five star the following mosnters:  Water Magic Knight Lapis, Wind Griffon Bernard, Wind Warbear Ramagos, Wind Pixie Shannon, and Water Garuda Konamiya.  Each of these monsters will come in handy.  Within the First 30 days I could auto Giants B7 with the above monsters minus Konamiya, but I think with all five at five stars and four-star runes at 9-12 you should be able to complete it.

The next task will be to take Water Magic Knight Lapis to six stars.  The main reason is thus, Lapis is a free Faimon hell grinder.  The challenges are set up for Lapis to auto Faimon Hell and help you with a fast leveling strategy.  It will work and they do a good job of showing you how to do it.  You can grind Faimon Hard with Fatal and Blade runes if you choose.  I was able to auto it with my Lapis.  Eventually I will add a better video around this.

Here is a good Lapis Faimon Hell Farmer Video:

Last, you need to have fun! Summoners War is a grind, but the fruits of your labor will show over time.  In a year, I achieved a lot! You can look at the blog here:

One Year Anniversary


I hope you have enjoyed the content, and it will help clarify questions you may have.  I know it can be exhausting trying to find the right answers, but I hope the beginner’s guide has given you some early guardrails that I wasn’t able to find readily.

I would love to hear feedback in comments.  Thanks for reading.

Summoners War a Week in Review (1/16/17 to 1/22/17)

Summoners War a Week in Review (1/16/17 to 1/22/17)

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This week was a focus on Summoners War Giants B10 Drop Rates.  Essentially, I probably spent a majority of the week compiling all the data from the runs pre update v3.2.1.  On top of that I held a summoning session, and got myself a new Ifrit!


Analytics was the name of the game last week! The theme of this week’s blog is Summoners War decision making via analytics.  Early in the week I held a “Chasing Trophy Monsters” summoning session.  In those summoning sessions I typically purchase premium packs, then do the summoning.  This helps for multiple things with account growth.  It’s a great source of fodder, which I spent four days last week grinding experience.  The potential monster diversity as well is always a good benefit along with a chance at a game changing monster.  However, I don’t go into the sessions expecting a killer summon.  In fact, in all summoning sessions I have summoned one nat5 monster.

Chasing Trophy Monsters

In the session if you watched the video you will see as mentioned above I typically purchase the premium packs, but in this particular session I held back.  I wanted to analyze my data on mystical scroll drops of Giants B10 before making the purchases, and found some interesting numbers.

Giants B10 Drop Rates

What I find in the video is that in my opinion vs. farming giants for mystical scrolls you are better off using your crystals to purchase the mystical scrolls via premium packs.  Noticeably, this created quite a stir in the community, because current belief is you should do one of two things:

  • Never buy Premium Packs
  • Use crystals to refresh magic shop and purchase Mystical Scrolls with excess crystals

In reality my personal opinion of the two is this:

  • You should buy premium packs, but not for the necessary intent of expecting godly summons, but rather for monster diversity
  • There are trade offs with the shop, and its not even a mid-game strategy in my opinion but more for a 1-5 percenter in Summoners War

I will definitely say this though, if you look at it from a broader strategy of acquiring legendary scroll pieces, potential runes, and other items you should definitely not purchase premium packs.  It’s important to point out there was a very nicely written opinion around Magic Shop Refreshes this week with data from (Which I am not a contributor to currently or have been asked to speak on their behalf).  The collective effort for aggregated data collection happening for us will immediately impact our further understanding of Summoners War.  The one caveat is like always data can be misinterpreted or misconstrued at times, and that is one issue with publishing open data.

Additionally, I hope to do additional analysis on the Magic Shop myself to present some arguments to the community.  However, as noted I still am in the midsts of processing a lot of data, and collecting additional data.  On top of that I can’t forget to keep up with the Joneses by actually playing and enjoying the game!

Rune Update

I did not make big strides in the Rune Update section this week.

Final Giant B10 Run Count: 797* Corrected for bad data

Final Dragon B10 Run Count: 227

V3.2.1 Giant B10 Run Count: 19 (will update next week)

V3.2.1 Dragon B10 Run Count: 86 (will update next week)

The_Stand Guild Wars

This week was a bad performance for us going 3-8.

Rating: 963

Rank: 20247

GamertagMythras PvP

A mediocre week in my personal PVP.  Made Fighter 1 for the week, and I didn’t spend a lot of time on PvP.

Rating: 1209

Rank: 67261

Notable Mentions

Experience Grinding

I was able to take Fire Ifrit Tesarion from his 5 star Summon to 6 stars.  Then I was able to level him to 36.  I spent the majority of the week focused on experience grinding.

Secret Dungeon Event Water Charger Shark

I was really hoping to spend more time on the event over the week primarily to skill up my current Water Charger Shark.  Alas, I was only able to collect 214 pieces.

World Boss

Wasn’t able to maintain C2, fell to C1 for the week.

Level 15 Runes

I leveled two runes to 15 for the week.


This was a big week outside the game, and more Summoners War Community focused for me.  I really think the data crunching will help provide the Summoners War Giants B10 Drop Rates viewpoint from a solo source to help further constructive conversations.  I am excited about my new Ifrit, and hope to try him out more in the coming weeks.  Until next week summoners, keep on summoning.

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Summoners War a Week in Review (1/9/17 to 1/15/17)

Summoners War a Week in Review (1/9/17 to 1/15/17)

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This was the first full week into the new year of 2017 in Summoners War, and a lot went down! Not only did Com2Us change up the Cairos Dungeon Drops, they switched up Hall of Heroes with update v3.2.1.  This week I accomplished an impressive Summoners War Milestone.  Summoners War Trial of Ascension Normal Stage 100 is no small feat.


This week’s theme is knocking out of the park! Do you ever get so happy or nervous that you are going to screw something up and get the shakes?  Or you experience something for the first time that is sort of surreal and you think you are in the wrong place? Well that is sort of how I felt this week getting to Trial of Ascension Stage 100.

First time Beating Trial of Ascension Stage 100

If you have been adamantly reading my weekly blogs you will also understand why this is such a big deal to me.  Previously the highest I was able to ascend Summoners War Trial of Ascension Normal was Stage 78.  Completing all 100 was a huge improvement relative to my last performance.  I was even able to up my TOA Hard to Stage 49 from 36.  As probably already noted I was severely happy to complete this and reach a new milestone in Summoners War.

What was different?

Honestly, the biggest improvement I believe in my TOAN team was the runes.  As mentioned the previous week, and I believe I mention it in the video, I was able to make really good use of the Free Rune Removal day.  I swapped out like 7 runes to 6 star on my main monsters.  Then going into TOAN I had them all upgraded to level 12 or better.

The other piece of this was I really worked on rotating my monsters around.  I was able to auto to TOAN Stage 75, and TOAH 33.  Once I hit the walls, I started working with my team, and paying attention to the stage battles.  I would jump in at times when I needed to target specific monsters.

There was no special monster that was summoned from my last TOAN attempt.  Also, I didn’t use any new six star monsters in TOAN either.  The one thing I do like about this is it helps show the scalability of the game where if you put in your time and effort you can reach new heights in Summoners War.  The pay off is great too, because now I should hopefully be able to get a new legendary scroll every 30 days with my team.

Trial of Ascension Strategy

I will definitely say I don’t think my strategy is or was as typical of what summoners probably do.  In my case you see I am very heavily heal based.  I went for big health, big heals, and chip damage.  The strategy obviously ended up paying off for me as I was able to complete Stage 100.

Team: Veromos (Leader), Theomars, Belladeon, Iona, Chasun

Like I said above, I was extremely nervous once I hit TOAN Stage 100.  I was worried I was going to get there and fail miserably.  My crew was able to best Stage 100 on the second try.  I definitely recommend not going straight to the face on the final boss, and taking the crystals out first.  Unlike me, you may be able to beat him on the first attempt.

Update v3.2.1

Hall of Heroes Wind Pirate

I really enjoy the new Hall of Heroes update for a few different reasons.  First and foremost I was able to get more pieces in the update then I could grinding all weekend.  The second is instead of grinding Hall of Heroes all weekend I was able to work on other Summoners War things.  I felt like I was winning all around! I was able to get to level 6, tried multiple times, but the monsters at 5/6 with the rezzing and damage I couldn’t best.

Rune Drop Update

A few weeks ago Com2Us said in their developers notes they were changing the Rune Drops in Cairos Dungeon.  To make a long story short they have removed four star runes from Dungeon Floor 10 runs.  This is a big deal as it should improve the runes you get on the runs ideally allowing you to get your monsters to where you want them faster.

The other thing they mentioned was that the drop rates would remain the same.  This is something I am curious about, because were 5 & 6 star runes actually dropped at the same rate?  I don’t think so, and if not how does this effect things going forward?  I’ve decided to continue my previous experiment prior to update v3.2.1 to test this out.

Rune Update

The Summoners War Update v3.2.1 put a halt on the drop rate percents, as I was trying to get to at least 1000 runs before tallying anything.  However, I have already started to pull together the data to see where we get.  I have also as mentioned above began efforts on the next data set for comparison.

Final Giant B10 Run Count: 813

Final Dragon B10 Run Count: 227

V3.2.1 Giant B10 Run Count: 19

V3.2.1 Dragon B10 Run Count: 86

The_Stand Guild Wars

This week was a mediocre performance going 3-7 for attacking battles.

Rating: 1003

Rank: 7927

GamertagMythras PvP

Big rating this week, I think my highest ever, but not my highest ranking.  I did hit Fighter 2 which was a first.

Rating: 1374

Rank: 49417


Notable Mentions

2017 New Year Lucky Dice Event

I got all but one of the rolls for the lucky dice event, as I fell asleep one night before claiming it.  Anyway you can view the rolls and rewards I get from the event.

World Boss

I was able to achieve a new status in the World Boss.  I climbed to Conqueror 2 for the first time!

Level 15 Runes


All I can say is incredible.  Last week was such an action packed week of Summoners War.  I am very happy of the completion of Trial of Ascension Stage 100 and the Summoners War Milestone I was able to achieve.  I think Com2Us implemented a lot of great changes with update v3.2.1.  Until next week summoners keep on summoning!

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Summoners War a Week in Review (12/5/16 to 12/11/16)

Summoners War a Week in Review (12/5/16 to 12/11/16)

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This past week was a Summoners War experience grind, and I set out some hefty goals to align with the event Rainbowmon Party with Penguin Knight Event.  I was on the hunt to make not one, but two six star monsters in a week.  Unfortunately, that goal never came to fruition, and despite all my planning and outline I ran into some significant challenges I did not foresee.

The nice thing about last week is despite not making my goal for the week I was able to learn some valuable things to share with the community which I plan to share in an additional blog outside of the weekly blog in the coming weeks on six star efficiency for monsters.  Part of the reason I am not doing it today is I want to make a good informative video for the community, and re-validate my findings.

Theme – Summoners War Experience Grind

The goal of the week also drove the theme which was experience grinding.  I wanted to accomplish the task of seeing if I could make two six stars in a week, and as mentioned above I ran into some problems which I will explain.  I spent Monday to Friday afternoon grinding experience, I utilized two of the 12 hour experience boosters I had in my rewards, and then purchased a three day booster with my crystals.  Everything was pretty much on track until about midday Wednesday.

When I first started the event I only had about 100k-200k mana, which in past grinds hadn’t been an issue.  However, as discussed above I decided to try out some other tactics for efficiency sake which I will explain.  Currently, I have been using Lapis to Farm Faimon Hell, which I highly recommend using if you don’t have a farmer.  Also, I have added a new reason to the list of why you should do it.

I decided to make a transition away from Lapis, and test out my Lushen which I was able to get from a weekly rotation a while back in a Chasing Trophy Monsters Episode.

Well, not fully surprisingly Lushen killed it.  I mean seriously, using Lushen to farm Hydeni is a great choice.  I improved my runs by about a minute and thirty seconds on average.  The only real loss was about 900 experience across the three monsters I was grinding.  Or so I thought…

Lushen Farm Stats Lushen Farm Stats


What I realized after several swift energy refills, and quick Hydeni runs, I was suffering in the mana department.  Don’t get me wrong I love running Hydeni with Lushen now, but what I realized throughout this process is that it’s not self-sustaining.  This unfortunately led me to my second issue.  One I didn’t think would be a drag, but was far worse in my opinion.

I never really thought I would run out of unknown scrolls! Who would have thought that could happen.  It became so bad I was leveling one star monsters and evolving them.  Has anyone else ever had this issue?  One thing I definitely think has contributed to the depletion of unknown scrolls was the Homocoulus Patch. I believe drop rates were significantly reduced.  I had roughly 600+ scrolls starting out the week for my goal, and by day 2.5 I was out.

Having no unknown scrolls was awful and significantly deteriorated the process and experience.  This was a big learning lesson for myself, and I have now found value of not just feeding the one star monsters after this.

Once I realized the culmination of things that had happened to me with no mana in the bank, or unknown scrolls the perfect storm had been created.  I immediately went back to farming with Lapis in Faimon Hell to try and see if I could reverse the tide.  However, I found even that wasn’t feasible.  It was roughly five to ten runs to get five unknown scrolls if I was luck.  By then I had pretty much leveled my one and two star monsters.  Brutal!

This was a rough week, but I learned some valuable lessons.  Sometimes, things that are definitely a huge increase to your gameplay like Lushen for experience grinding, may come at a detriment to other areas of your game play.  All in all the nice thing was I did end up with one six star in less than three days, Verdehile!

With that said if everything was right, and I knew what I now know from the experience I should have been able to complete the event in a week’s time or less.  It was a great learning lesson, and I hope you find this useful in your own experience grinding, and attempt to complete the Rainbowmon Party with Penguin Knight Event.  I was able to get everything done in the week aside from one five star, and my last six star monster.

Summoners War Experience Grind

Rune Update

This week’s grind was not focused on runes at all, and significantly slowed the process.  With that said here are the current results:

Giant B10 Run Count: 253

Dragon B10 Run Count: 38

The_Stand Guild Wars

Another interesting week for The_Stand.  I accidently started the week off by leaving out some new members.  I made a terrible guild leader mistake.  So, we focused on rotating players in and out which worked fine. We ended at 1008 rating, and had a winning record for the week of six wins and five losses.  We got behind during the week on our battles, so we didn’t complete the last one for the week.  One interesting note was we started off extremely strong and at one point during the week high C1 or Conqueror one star.  That was definitely a first for the crew!

GamertagMythras PvP

Definitely not a record week for personal battles ensued.  However, even with the reduction of the amount of battles it was a record breaking week rank wise.  (Reduction of roughly 40 battles) I ended at 1267 rating putting me in the top 45k in players.


Hall of Heroes Dark Kobold Bomber

Following the Summoners War experience grind for the week, I transitioned to grinding the Hall of Heroes Dark Kobold Bomber Event on Friday.  I worked on this event the rest of the weekend to complete the event so I could have a Dark Kobold Bomber for the account.  I don’t always summon the monster after the completion of the event, and in this case I collected my 41 pieces to sit on.  I like to collect one extra so that if for some reason I want to summon additional I can use my guild points to by additional summoning pieces.

(Update: Forgot Almighty Scrolls are only good for 10 pieces…logic above doesn’t work mainly to view past dungeons now)

Notable Mentions

World Boss

I was able to get back up to g1 in the world boss this week.

Mentor Mentee Update v3.1.9

Happy to say I filled up my Mentee slots.  Thanks to those on reddit who watched the video and added me on Global.  In the future those of you who need a Mentor feel free to reach out to me either through this site or in game.


The Summoners War experience grind definitely ran into some setbacks, but on the bright side learned a lot in the process.  I was able to six star Verdehile, which as always getting a six star monster is something to be happy about.  I made some new friends from the Mentor Mentee Update, and was able to complete one of my favorite monthly events Hall of Heroes.  Until next week Summoners, keep on summoning.

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Summoners War a Week in Review (11/28/16 to 12/4/16)

Summoners War a Week in Review (11/28/16 to 12/4/16)

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We made some major progress this week in Summoners War.  On the flip side I will definitely say I have probably spent more time playing this week, then an average week due to several life events.  First, off my cat Caesar is finally better.  He has a tenacious knack like most cats to do stuff you wouldn’t think of. Not only does he love strings he apparently likes to eat your drawstrings off pants and sweaters.  A thousand dollar vet bill later we figure out that’s what had plugged him, was a not in one of those strings.  It took him about three days to pass through his system.  Because of keeping a close eye on him I spent a lot of time playing Summoners War.

It is definitely because of Caesar I got a lot more game time in as I was up almost all night worrying about him, and making sure he wasn’t puking all over.  With that said I accomplished two major things in Giants and hit new PvP highs.  On top of Caesar I had a crazy 80+ hour work week which added to longer hours of gameplay.


Aside from the last two weeks I focused my attention on something totally new I don’t know if you heard of it, but it’s called Dragons 10.  That’s right, I felt it was finally time to take down that dungeon once and for all, and not “cheat” by wasting some crystals.

Dragon B10 Beat

– Team (Iona, Theomars, Belladeon, Veromos, Konamiya – Face Team 70% Auto, Left Crystal First 95%+ Auto)

My goal for the week was to beat Dragons.  Now unfortunately I believe I set off in the wrong direction not once, but two times! With that said I would like to share some Dragon B10 tips or pointers while covering how Dragon B10 rationale.

For reference here is video of beating Dragons B10 for the first time.

First off, my thoughts were my Belladeon has enough accuracy for consistent debuffs so we may as go straight to the face.  Now, I can finish Dragons B9 extremely fast by this method, but as you all are aware it is extraordinarily different the Dragons B10.  In reality the correct way to start Dragon B10 is left crystal, right crystal, dragon.  This is the normal way to do it, not straight to the face right away.  However, sometimes you can do that based off your monsters.  I spent more time than most probably tweaking my team for the wrong reasons, however I eventually got the job done.

The other issue is I knew one important piece or helpful piece for completing Dragon B10 is Konamiya for cleansing your troops of dots.  Veromos also works well for cleansing but typically you want him on violent runes for that.  In my case he does not have violent runes on him.  The other mistake I made with Konamiya was when I set off I didn’t realize right away that the skills were not fully maxed.  I kept running Dragon B10, and going why is he taking so long to cast the cleanse skill.  Then I was like “Rookie mistake,” and proceeded to waste about 100 scroll summons and a lot of mana for not.  I literally got two garudas in the summons.  I got lucky and one of my fiend’s had a garuda dungeon and I spent the next hour grinding out garudas for skills.

The last piece that was sort of holding me back without realizing it was Water Mystic Witch Megan.  Lots of people suggest using her, and I full heartedly agree.  My issue was that she was still at 4 stars.  She is definitely high on my list now.  The other thing I want to mention here is don’t underestimate resistance.  I was able to complete Dragon B10 with Iona at leader.  You can easily swap her for Fire Ifrit Tesarion who gives you even a higher resistance for your team then Iona.  Just something to think about as an alternative approach.

Here is a video of my failed attempt that was the closest I got, and got me a lot of feedback on using Megan.

Dragon B10 Tips Summary

Here are the three things I would highlight about Dragon B10

  • Left Crystal, Right Crystal, Dragon – First
  • Get Megan to five star or greater
  • Just be sure your monsters are all set so you don’t waste time like me, points 1 and 2 more important
  • Consider Tesarion as an alternative leader

Giant B10 Update

This week I switched my team up and made it more of a speed team with Jamire in lead.  This led me to some personal bests on the run.


This week instead of giving a rune update I have switched to a new method.  Every run I complete I take a screenshot of what was dropped. My goal is to get around one thousand runs, and calculate drops for everyone.  I will also do this for Dragon B10 also, and then share the results.  Here is where I am currently at:

Giant B10 Run Count: 233

Dragon B10 Run Count: 38

The_Stand Guild Wars

This week was better than las week for The_Stand and the guild wars.  We ended at 1006 rating, and had a winning record for the week of seven wins and five losses.  Going into the last battle we were at 1025, and considered not doing the last battle.  Unfortunately by accident there was some miscommunication and the vice leader accidently started one.

GamertagMythras PvP

This was another personal record week for PvP!  I was able to hit over 1300 during the week for the first time, and even better I finished at 1310.

After last week’s 220 attacks I didn’t think I could top it, and I was wrong.  I was able to squeak out a 250+ attack week.  Again, really racking up those glory points.  I should be going on a glory point shopping spree one of these days!


Free Rune Removal Event (FRR)

I did want to highlight a few things here.  I think everyone knows the obvious to definitely take advantage of the Free Rune Removal day, but I also want to point out the importance in other areas people might not be thinking about.  One big area is when you are swapping out your runes on your “A Team” of Monsters this really allows you to boost the rest.  Typically you are trading up runes at different stages of the game, and this then allows you to pass those nice runes down the chain to less used monsters.  This is extremely important because it helps upgrade for things like the World Boss.

The other thing to keep in mind is sometimes you might as well stop selling runes so you can play around with you non “A Team” monster builds.  It can be fun, and help again with progression.  In my case I typically only keep six star runes and sell the rest unless they are five star legendary.  When I know it’s a FRR I stop selling runes that week for this specific reason.

I swapped out 5 runes on my six star monsters, and 10 plus on my five star monsters.  This was a very successful FRR event, and I was just glad I had the time to do it.

screenshot_20161203-145949 screenshot_20161203-150040 screenshot_20161203-150137

I was able to make full upgrades across the board this week, and improve all my monster lines over the weekend.  I will also note that I spent roughly six hours Saturday moving runes around.  The one thing that can hinder your progress is when you do up trade on runes with your “A Team” you may not have the mana to actually make the runes better.  Keep this in mind, because it could be a short term setback if you haven’t planned for it.

Notable Mentions

Piggy Bank Event

Secret Dungeon Water Living Armor

With the mana farmed from Faimon Hell I was able to level up a six star rune from 12 to 15.

I was able to level a six star rune to 15.


Jamire became a six star monster this week, and my new team lead for Giants B10.  I was able to quickly level him with Wind Angelmon from purchasing premium packs from my last Chasing Trophy Monsters Video.

I crafted about 10 violent runes this week.  I was able to pick up one six star Legendary violent rune.


World Boss I hit G2 for the first time, but somehow finished F3.  What’s kind of bothering me over the last few weeks is once I hit G1 I swear somehow there was a new mass amount of players that have been playing again that have pushed me back down to F3.

Megan, Su, Aria, Emma, Gildong, Trevor all became a part of my monster crew.  Yes, all were awakened this week.


Huge week in Summoners War with a lot of upside and lessons learned.  I hope you were able to take some personal pointers away this week on things like Dragons B10 runs, and like me were able to utilize the FRR day.  Until next week Summoners, keep on summoning.

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Summoners War a Week in Review (11/21/16 to 11/27/16)

Summoners War a Week in Review (11/21/16 to 11/27/16)

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This is the second week of Summoners War a Week in Review where we will look at the previous week’s gameplay, highlight notable findings, and outline game progression.  This week in Summoners War a Week in Review we will see a split theme of Giants B10 along with double experience runs.  Last week in the US we also had Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving as well.

Summoners War First 30 Days Beginners Guide

Focus Tip

One thing I try to do every Sunday evening is plan out my Summoners War week.  In reality the planning can be iterative whereby you are flexible with your schedule and items available.  Especially, if an emergency comes up.  For example, yesterday my poor kitty Caesar had been puking and we took him to the emergency vet.  Obviously, this wasn’t something on the radar and caused a shift in my gaming which I will highlight in next week’s piece.  We have an additional vet appointment this morning and I will let everyone know how it goes.

As far as the planning goes there are really three pieces to it.  First, what is your schedule look like for the week?  In case of last week we hosted Thanksgiving, so I know prepping the Turkey and cooking was going to eat a lot of my Summoners War Gameplay time.  The other thing is know your work schedule if you have a job, and in corporate America know your meeting schedule. Second, know what is in your gift box.  Most gifts have a seven day decay period, I like to use this in my planning.  I typically only claim stuff if I can help it when its less than a day.  However, in last week’s planning I had double experience gifts from the 70 Million Downloads Event that needed to be used up.  Unfortunately, one of the experience bonuses was set to expire on Thanksgiving, so I planned around that.

70 Million Download Event for Reference

Lastly, and tying in nicely with the above is know the events! You should know when the events are coming up, and what rewards you will get.  Recently, a lot of the events have been community ones like the 70 million Download Event.  I would just like to say way to go Summoners!  Mainly for consistently getting all the rewards in the community events.

When you have a good understanding of the three pieces of your schedule, your gift box, and current in game events you can successfully plan out your week of Summoners War Gaming.


The previous week took a little shift on my game plan due to Thanksgiving, and event rewards, however I was happy to say I was able to spend two days grinding double experience, and get enough Giants B10 runs in to make it a good week.  Plus, another progression milestone.

Giants B10 Rune Outcome

Utilizing my previous week’s method I followed suit again last week.  I took note throughout the week of how many Runes I collected in the following categories: Six star Legendary, Six Star, and Five Star Legendary.  I did not keep track of how many total runs I did, but I would venture between 30 to 50 runs a day.  I was very happy with the results relative to what my previous perception was.

Legendary 6 Star 1
6 Star 26
Legendary 5 Star 6

I was able to get another six star Legendary rune this week! I also as previously stated spent two days grinding experience.  I was surprised to come out this well on runes, however I think I played much more Sunday than I did the week before.  I do believe from a consistency with last week that the percentage is somewhere between 10%-15% for a six star drop.  The other thing to highlight that I did not last week was we are obtaining farmable crafting mats the entire time as well.

The other thing I did was livestream GB10 runs.  I unfortunately wish I could have done it longer, but was having technical issues.  I was able to get eight runs in, and get one six star rune in the run.  I would have shared the video, but I ended up deleting the video due to quality issues in my opinion.

The_Stand Guild Wars

This week was a most unfortunate week for The_Stand and the guild wars.  We ended around 967 rating, and had a losing record for the week of five wins and seven losses.  On a nice note we had an active player who had been gone on vacation come back for this upcoming week, so let’s see if they can help make a difference.

GamertagMythras PvP

This week was a personal record for PvP! I am extremely happy about the outcome.  On top of that it was one of the most active weeks for me getting in a cool 220 attacks!  Really racking up those glory points.  On top of that one of the things I learned is when you look at best score it’s not based off the rating but rather the rank.  This was something I realized with the world boss last week as well.

PvP Personal Record

The Experience Grind

I had two double experience rewards that needed to be used up last week.  Both were 12 hr boosters, so I spent both my Tuesday, and Wednesday grinding up my monsters.  One thing I tracked was in two hours I was able to complete a 5 star monster which I think is pretty good.  However, I did not keep that pace up for two days straight.  Otherwise I would have been the proud owner of two more six stars.  I also did not have all the available materials for that.

I did not six star a monster, just kind of got everything in place to do it.  I was able to get enough stuff leveled up for one during the two days.  The other nice things about Farming Faimon Hell with Lapis was I was able to replenish much needed mana.  I was able to farm over 1.5 million mana in those two days.

I highly suggest Lapis if you don’t have a faimon hell farmer yet.  You can see the video below for a reference.

Notable Mentions

With the mana farmed from Faimon Hell I was able to level up a six star rune from 12 to 15.

6 star level 15 violent Rune

On one of my daily rewards for the week I hit the monster reward.  I always hope for that nat 4+ monster, but landed a light beast hunter instead.

Light Beast Hunter

I also hit the Finance First VI Achievement.  This was a nice achievement.

Finance First VI Achievement

World Boss was completed at Fighter three again.  Unfortunately, I missed a day removing me from the G1 running for the week.  Always remember to use up your turns, and even if you plan to later like I was you may forget, and it may cost you like me.


Once again it was a busy week with both ups and downs as it always is! I hope you are able to utilize my focus tip and trick around planning out your week of Summoners War Gaming.  If you have other tips or tricks please share below in the comments.  Until next week Summoners I am back to the grind!

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