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Pokemon Go Tracker Update

Pokemon Go Tracker Update

Finally, we got it trainers the Pokemon Go Tracker Update.  This Pokemon Go Tracker Update is phenomenal, yes that’s right, you can now actually play Pokemon Go the way it should be played.  Poke Trainers everywhere cried, and Niantic responded quickly with a great update to the in game Tracker System.  Niantic has taken Pokemon Go to a whole new level, or have they just reverted back to what they gave us all along!  Anyway the Pokemon Go Tracker Update is great, and I am amazed how quickly they were able to roll it out.

With the roll out of the new Pokemon Go Tracker Update we also see some new features.  They new tracker system goes by “Sightings” now.  So maybe we should call it the Pokemon Go Sightings Update.  Anyway what sightings does is replace the old system completely, and given us a new graphic where Pokemon will appear in a swatch of grass.  On top of this the list changes the way it should periodically allowing us to know what Pokemon are actually in the area, or are not in the area.  It is now possible to have nothing on the radar, unlike in the past this does not represent the server being down!  This is great news because we know to now high tail our way out of that area, and go find some Pokemon elsewhere.

Pokemon Go Tracker Update Gameplay

The pulsing system is still in place.  This is what will update, reset, or maintain your sighting list.  This hasn’t changed, and is similar to the old tracker.  The difference is that you can actually use this to track Pokemon close by.  I was able to use it to quickly add another Scyther to my collection along with a few Dratinis while I was testing it out.

Pokemon Go Tracker Update

Now, that we have the Pokemon Go Tracker Update err I mean Sightings Update, we can track Pokemon on our sightings list.  In order to track the Pokemon you will utilize the old tracker method.  Starting at the top left of the sightings list will be your closest Pokemon.  Then as you work your way horizontally, and diagonally across the list the Pokemon will slowly be further away.  You still will see the nine Pokemon on the list, but the refreshing and accuracy of the sightings system is much better.  You should use the same walking system as before as well.  That walking system is the 90 degree, and 180 degree turn system to locate the Pokemon.  Don’t do what I did to track my Scyther down, and just meander all over because you were so happy there was a new system.

There is one other major notable change in the Pokemon Go Tracker Update which you will quickly notice as I did.  If you are in a vehicle (Do not drive and play Pokemon Go) you will get a screen pop up stating you are going too fast.  You will need to indicate you are a passenger.  It does reset when you exit the game, so it is not some onetime thing.

Pokemon Go Tracker Update

I think Niantic has done a great job in response to the community and swiftly rolled out a great Pokemon Go Tracker Update for players.  I believe this Sightings Update will breathe new life into the game for the community, and help clean up some of the frustration.  On top of that we can get back the thrill of hunting the Pokemon down!  I really enjoy this update, and I hope you do too! Get out there Poke Trainers and prosper!

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