Niantic CEO Pokemon Go 2017

Niantic CEO Pokemon Go 2017

2017 Update plans, Legendary Pokemon, cheating, missing features

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2017 Update plans, Legendary Pokemon, cheating, missing features

Niantic CEO John Hanke
John Hanke Niantic CEO playing Pokemon Go

Recently Wired’s German division was able to conduct an interview with Niantic CEO John Hanke.  Hanke took the time to address many topics and issues at the fronts of trainer’s minds today. He first took a crack at addressing a rework in the gym battles and allowing for a more collaborative Pokemon Go user experience.

“There are a couple of areas that need to be improved – one of them being playing together and gym battles. We released those in an incomplete state. We knew from Ingress that cooperation and planning can be a lot of fun. When people have a common goal, then that’s a strong incentive to meet up with friends or even with people you don’t know.”

“The gameplay in gym battles is very limited. They just don’t work as well as we wish they would. We will overhaul this aspect of the game to ensure more teamwork and to give people a bigger incentive to receive the rewards from gym battles.”

He then addressed a few other updates players are eagerly awaiting.  Those updates mainly revolve around the appearance of one of Pokemons eagerly awaited game features fans have long been waiting for, Legendary Creatures.  Hanke reassured everyone that we should be seeing more of the likes of Mewtwo, Mew, and the Legendary Birds.

Another topic at the tips of everyone’s fingers is GPS Spoofing.  Hanke directly addressed the GPS Spoofing trick so players do not have to leave their homes.  Hanke stated the following:

“I don’t think it’s the user’s fault when an app or a website offers him a shortcut. It’s our responsibility to prevent those things or to not make them harder than they currently are.”

“I wish they wouldn’t do it. Through cheating, they’re not allowing themselves to experience the game to its fullest. The reward of Pokemon GO is being active and getting to see places you normally wouldn’t see.”

The last thing the Niantic CEO address was the concern in the lack of features.  He made people aware that the main rational for the problem was due to funding.

“When we left Google, we had a limited amount of money, a funding of 35 million dollars. We had a fairly large team and a relatively short amount of time. We worked a long time on it and eventually that just exhausts people. We felt it was time to get noticed.”

John Hanke did us a great favor by addressing many of the trainers concerns around Pokemon Go 2017.  We can’t wait to see what is in store for trainers this year and look forward to many long awaited new features, and Pokemon! Thanks John for taking the time to sit down and discuss these questions with Wired for us! We are extremely happy that you and Niantic are taking steps towards participating more in the media, and becoming more vocal yourselves in the Pokemon Go community.

German Source

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Pokemon Go: Screen Freeze Workaround

Pokemon Go: Screen Freeze Workaround

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Last week aside from the Holiday Event being dropped in Pokemon Go, there was another unforeseen event that occurred.  An error known as GPS Drift! This makes it necessary now for a Pokemon Go screen freeze workaround.  Niantic clearly rushed out a mini update to get the egg hatched generation two Pokemon out, but has failed the community miserably.  Pokemon Go how to fix GPS drift will help you resolve this unforeseen catastrophe.  It amazes me that a company which has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars in a few months has issues supporting their own game at this point.  It really begs the question of future game code deployments and updates.  They clearly need a change manager.

What is GPS Drift

First off, what has now become known as GPS Drift is becoming a massive issues for players.  This error is easily spotted by players when a few things occur.  You are in a location that doesn’t look like your current location.  Your screen bugs out sending your trainer to the purgatory of Pokemon Go.  Or, alas your screen is just frozen and you can’t play at all.  This issue has become extremely frequent, and requires some time to resolve before any game play for most players after the generation two mini patch.

Here is what it may look life for a player experiencing the issue.

How to fix GPS Drift

This video is the best way in resolving the GPS Drift Issue.

Step by Step

  • Make sure Wifi is off (Some users reported they couldn’t fix GPS drift without this for some reason, my guess is OS and phone)
  • Start Pokemon Go
  • While the loading bar begins loading, after first tick, go to home.
  • Wait about three seconds.
  • Relaunch Pokemon Go
  • When the loading bar is about finished flip back to home again
  • Wait roughly three seconds
  • Relaunch Pokemon Go
  • You should see the landing page with the “Do not enter dangerous areas while playing Pokemon Go” warning.
  • Now go catch some Pokemon!


I hope the flip to home screen during the load screen of Pokemon Go is a resolution for you as it has been for me! I also hope Niantic rights its wrong for the community, as I believe this is a fairly big error on their part and the community is going to lose some players. Get out there trainers and make Pokemon Go great again.

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PokemonGo: Thanksgiving Event A Look Back

PokemonGo Thanksgiving Event A Look Back

The PokemonGo Thanksgiving Event was a lot of fun! I hope trainers were able to utilize the event as much if not more than I was able to!  This year I was responsible to cook my first family turkey! Due to the cooking and quality family time I was not able to play as much as I typically could.  No complaints as I love spending time with my family, and no offense Niantic and PokemonGo it trumps.


PokemonGo Thanksgiving Event Details

The PokemonGo Thanksgiving Event was the third in game event to date since the initial release of the game back in July.  The event ran from November 23rd at 00:00 UTC and continued through November 30th 00:00 UTC.  The Thanksgiving event’s notable bonuses were as follows:

  • Double the amount of Experience
  • Double the amount of Stardust

One pointer was that if you had a lucky egg in use, you would receive four times the experience.  One other notable thing that was discovered during the event was Ditto!  Trainers had been waiting on the opportunity to catch ditto for months, and had been theorizing how ditto would appear in the game.  Niantic finally put all the theories to rest, and showed us how to obtain Ditto in the game.

The New Tracker Update was also rolled out during this time in the Midwest.  The Tracker Update definitely had its ups and downs at first, but Niantic has since acted on the criticism around the tracker making it much more convenient for rural players, as there was a bug in the code.  I only wish it was a week earlier so I could have caught that evasive Snorlax!  In all honesty, the Tracker is great to really help you find those Pokemon so you don’t sit there and spin.

How to Obtain Ditto

Ditto has a low catch rate of course, but the big thing is you never really know until you know if it’s Ditto.  Once this information was available I started catching every darn Pidgey and not passing on any Pokemon as a precautionary tale.  I was able to catch three Dittos during the event.

Essentially, what happens is you catch another Pokemon, and instead of the normal you caught so and so.  The screen pops up saying “Oh?”, and then the Pokemon transforms into Ditto.  It will then say “Ditto was caught!”  Here is the current list of supposed Pokemon you can catch that transform into Ditto.  Personally I can confirm two, which are Pidgey and Zubat.

  • Pidgey
  • Zubat
  • Rattata
  • Spearow
  • Metapod
  • Magikarp
  • Venonat
  • Paras
  • Ekans
  • Snorlax
  • Doduo
  • Nidoran♂
  • Mankey

Ditto Gym Battles

One other big question is how does Dittos battle mechanics work.  The video below shows how Dittos abilities work, and should help with a few questions regarding gym battles with Ditto.

In my personal opinion Ditto is pretty weak, as you will see in the video.  However, its fun to show off your Ditto, so dropping Ditto off at the local gym is always fun.

PokemonGo Personal Achievements

Other notable things that happened for me over the PokemonGo Thanksgiving Event was not only the fact that I was able to catch Ditto and add him to my pokedex, but I was also able to add a few more Pokemon.  I was able to also add Ninetails, and Abrakadabra.  On top of all the new Pokemon I was able to level to 28!

screenshot_20161128-115557 screenshot_20161128-145810  screenshot_20161126-085208screenshot_20161122-224838

I hope you enjoyed the recap of the PokemonGo Thanksgiving Event, and like myself were able to enjoy it.  I wish you the best in your attempts to catch Ditto, and make good use of the updated tracker.

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PokemonGo Daily Bonus Event

PokemonGo Daily Bonus Event

Since it was discovered PokemonGo Daily Bonus would be a new feature via data mining, and confirmed by Niantic the PokemonGo Daily Bonus is finally coming to fruition.  With that said it was recently announced yesterday in honor of the Daily Bonus Update Niantic would have a PokemonGo Daily Bonus Event running from November 7th to November 11th.  This is extremely exciting coming off of the PokemonGo Halloween Event.

Pokemon Go Daily Bonus Event

Celebrating Daily Bonuses with More Daily Bonuses

With the rollout of the new PokemonGo Daily Bonuses it has been confirmed from November 7th to November 11th not only will you get to experience a PokemonGo Daily Bonus, you will get a few additional bonuses!  First you will experience more Pokemon sightings! On top of an increase in sightings, each pokestop will yield a bigger loot!  This means more great balls, and ultra balls for trainers that are 20 plus!

PokemonGo Daily Bonus – Personal Experience

Two days ago coming home from a trip I noticed an increase in stardust on my first pokemon, and an increase in items from my first Pokestop.  I wondered to myself if they had finally pushed the Pokemongo Daily Bonus out.  Then when I got home I was baffled by all the Pokemon I was seeing show up on my radar. Whenever I see something odd in PokemonGo my immediate reaction is this supposed to be happening?  Then I immediately go into the mode of, well I definitely must play more and take advantage of this.  One of the things I noticed was a big increase in Tauros so jokingly I was calling it Pokemon Thanksgiving Event.

Low and behold finding out today they are actually running a PokemonGo Daily Bonus Event, which is awesome.  The best part being not only have I been able to capture a lot of Pokemon in the last 36 hours I have been able to keep my bags full.  I think Niantic has done a good job with coinciding this event with the new Pokestop Lock where you can’t get Pokestops any more while you are driving.  As much as I hate this I think it is a fair compromise, but definitely a pain in the butt as many older trainers probably only have time to play during their work commutes.  Hence pushing those trainers further and further behind.  We all know unfortunately we can’t all play 24/7 as much as we would like to.

The Pokestop lock will also lead to a decrease in activity among trainers that will face a big weather change coming soon known as winter.  This will be a key question as how Niantic will make it an even playing field with weather pattern changes.  Fortunately for PokemonGo Trainers in the northern hemisphere it has been exceptionally mild weather so far.

PokemonGo Increase Sightings

So, if you are fortunate to have time to play PokemonGo I highly encourage you to get out there and catch some Pokemon over the coming days! Good luck Trainers, and stay safe.

Pokemon Go Tracker Update

Pokemon Go Tracker Update

Finally, we got it trainers the Pokemon Go Tracker Update.  This Pokemon Go Tracker Update is phenomenal, yes that’s right, you can now actually play Pokemon Go the way it should be played.  Poke Trainers everywhere cried, and Niantic responded quickly with a great update to the in game Tracker System.  Niantic has taken Pokemon Go to a whole new level, or have they just reverted back to what they gave us all along!  Anyway the Pokemon Go Tracker Update is great, and I am amazed how quickly they were able to roll it out.

With the roll out of the new Pokemon Go Tracker Update we also see some new features.  They new tracker system goes by “Sightings” now.  So maybe we should call it the Pokemon Go Sightings Update.  Anyway what sightings does is replace the old system completely, and given us a new graphic where Pokemon will appear in a swatch of grass.  On top of this the list changes the way it should periodically allowing us to know what Pokemon are actually in the area, or are not in the area.  It is now possible to have nothing on the radar, unlike in the past this does not represent the server being down!  This is great news because we know to now high tail our way out of that area, and go find some Pokemon elsewhere.

Pokemon Go Tracker Update Gameplay

The pulsing system is still in place.  This is what will update, reset, or maintain your sighting list.  This hasn’t changed, and is similar to the old tracker.  The difference is that you can actually use this to track Pokemon close by.  I was able to use it to quickly add another Scyther to my collection along with a few Dratinis while I was testing it out.

Pokemon Go Tracker Update

Now, that we have the Pokemon Go Tracker Update err I mean Sightings Update, we can track Pokemon on our sightings list.  In order to track the Pokemon you will utilize the old tracker method.  Starting at the top left of the sightings list will be your closest Pokemon.  Then as you work your way horizontally, and diagonally across the list the Pokemon will slowly be further away.  You still will see the nine Pokemon on the list, but the refreshing and accuracy of the sightings system is much better.  You should use the same walking system as before as well.  That walking system is the 90 degree, and 180 degree turn system to locate the Pokemon.  Don’t do what I did to track my Scyther down, and just meander all over because you were so happy there was a new system.

There is one other major notable change in the Pokemon Go Tracker Update which you will quickly notice as I did.  If you are in a vehicle (Do not drive and play Pokemon Go) you will get a screen pop up stating you are going too fast.  You will need to indicate you are a passenger.  It does reset when you exit the game, so it is not some onetime thing.

Pokemon Go Tracker Update

I think Niantic has done a great job in response to the community and swiftly rolled out a great Pokemon Go Tracker Update for players.  I believe this Sightings Update will breathe new life into the game for the community, and help clean up some of the frustration.  On top of that we can get back the thrill of hunting the Pokemon down!  I really enjoy this update, and I hope you do too! Get out there Poke Trainers and prosper!

Pokemon Go Beginner Guide

Pokemon Go Beginner Guide

Pokemon Go Beginner Guide

Pokemon Go is only a few weeks old, and the out pouring of people to play the game is insane.  Recently we have seen some new patches, and functional changes to the game.  However, today I wanted to take some time and through together a helpful Pokemon Go beginner guide for players that maybe on the sidelines of playing, or slowly making their way through the Pokeverse!

This guide features 10 episodes that help show the gameplay of Pokemon Go.  These are a collection of videos that should help players understand different aspects of the game.  Hopefully it will also help prevent you from making some of the same mistakes that I did.  For example, not taking on a gym with the wrong idea of what would happen.

This Pokemon Go beginner guide will cover the following items: Game Tutorial, Pokedex, Powering up your Pokemon, Lures, Team Pick, Gym Battles, 1k CP Pokemon, Egg Hatches, and using incense.


This video covers the very beginning of Pokemon Go.  Professor Willow is going to show up go over some things with you, and you will get to pick one of three Pokemon: Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur.

Pokemon Go Pro Tips: If you walk out of range a few times from the Pokemon Pikachu will appear as a choice of starter Pokemon!


This video goes over additional Pokemon that I caught, and increasing your pokedex.

Powering Up Pokemon

Here we power up Pokemon using Star Dust.  You can obtain stardust from capturing new Pokemon, claiming gym rewards, and hatching eggs.

Pokemon Go Pro Tips: Save your Star Dust as it becomes extremely expensive to level up powerful Pokemon later.  The other thing to know is as your account levels, the CP of your Pokemon will also be leveled.  If you max the CP of a Pokemon at current level, after you level you will get the ability to power it up two more times raising its max CP.


Here I do some lure camping.  Testing out sitting around trying to catch some Pokemon, and see if it’s a viable option.

Team Pick

This is the intro to gym battles! Here you will get to pick your team that you will align with in Pokemon Go.  The choices are: Mystic, Instinct, and Valor.  I also, tackle a gym…way too early.  I thought you didn’t have to battle your way all the way to the top.  Make sure you have a good team of six strong Pokemon to help you take the gym for your team!

Pokemon Go Pro Tips: Go Mystic!!! Seriously though.


Trying out incense in this video so I can sit around.  It did not work out real well for me.

Podex Additions!

More Pokemon added to my Pokedex.

Egg Hatch

Here is a collection of 10 km, 5 km, and 2 km eggs that I hatched from walking around.

Gym Leader Take Over

Finally, I built up enough strong Pokemon to take some gyms. I also was able to just place a few at some gyms that were recently taken.

Pokemon Go Pro Tips: Make sure after you take some gyms you navigate to the shop to claim your rewards!  This wasn’t intuitive when I first started playing.  This can be done daily and is one of the only ways to get Pikachu coins.  It is also a good way to get star dust.

1k CP Pokemon

I level up eevee and evolve getting my first 1k CP Pokemon.

Hopefully the collection of video guides, and written tips will help you navigate the world of Pokemon Go.  Some of these tips should also help you later in to the game as well.  Happy Pokemon hunting in Pokemon Go!!!  Feel free to leave questions, comments, or feedback!