Pokemon Go: Screen Freeze Workaround

Pokemon Go: Screen Freeze Workaround

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Last week aside from the Holiday Event being dropped in Pokemon Go, there was another unforeseen event that occurred.  An error known as GPS Drift! This makes it necessary now for a Pokemon Go screen freeze workaround.  Niantic clearly rushed out a mini update to get the egg hatched generation two Pokemon out, but has failed the community miserably.  Pokemon Go how to fix GPS drift will help you resolve this unforeseen catastrophe.  It amazes me that a company which has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars in a few months has issues supporting their own game at this point.  It really begs the question of future game code deployments and updates.  They clearly need a change manager.

What is GPS Drift

First off, what has now become known as GPS Drift is becoming a massive issues for players.  This error is easily spotted by players when a few things occur.  You are in a location that doesn’t look like your current location.  Your screen bugs out sending your trainer to the purgatory of Pokemon Go.  Or, alas your screen is just frozen and you can’t play at all.  This issue has become extremely frequent, and requires some time to resolve before any game play for most players after the generation two mini patch.

Here is what it may look life for a player experiencing the issue.

How to fix GPS Drift

This video is the best way in resolving the GPS Drift Issue.

Step by Step

  • Make sure Wifi is off (Some users reported they couldn’t fix GPS drift without this for some reason, my guess is OS and phone)
  • Start Pokemon Go
  • While the loading bar begins loading, after first tick, go to home.
  • Wait about three seconds.
  • Relaunch Pokemon Go
  • When the loading bar is about finished flip back to home again
  • Wait roughly three seconds
  • Relaunch Pokemon Go
  • You should see the landing page with the “Do not enter dangerous areas while playing Pokemon Go” warning.
  • Now go catch some Pokemon!


I hope the flip to home screen during the load screen of Pokemon Go is a resolution for you as it has been for me! I also hope Niantic rights its wrong for the community, as I believe this is a fairly big error on their part and the community is going to lose some players. Get out there trainers and make Pokemon Go great again.

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Summoners War a Week in Review (12/19/16 to 12/25/16)

Summoners War a Week in Review (12/19/16 to 12/25/16)

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The past week was really a Summoners War Christmas, and was rather slow for me due to the holiday celebrations with friends and family, but I am definitely not complaining about that.  With that said I would like to say “Happy Holidays Summoners”.  This time of the year is one of my favorites to spend with friends and family, and the fact that I have little nephews and nieces now makes it a whole lot more interesting.  It is very amazing to see the joy on these young children’s faces for some extremely simple gifts relative to the later years when it’s all about expensive technology.

Anyway I digress back to the Summoners War Christmas week.  We saw a huge change in the community as Com2Us offered a onetime purchase for $100 to receive a nat5.  The nat 5 is received via a new scroll called the Transcendence Scroll.  This is the first time they have done anything like this.  Even though I am a Free to Play (F2P) player in Summoners War, I was happy they did this.  Mainly because I know a lot of players who still have not received a nat 5. Also, it’s currently a onetime deal, however if I was a betting man I would suggest it could possibly show up again in the future.

Advanced Pack Onetime Purchases – Transcendence Scroll (Nat5)


To be honest I don’t have a particular theme for the week or agenda, but I would say it was definitely a hodge podge of stuff to say the least.  So, I am going to go with the theme of hodge podge for last week’s progress as it was really all over the place, and quite sporadic with a Summoners War Christmas really being all over the place in my opinion.

If there were two things that I would say ended up happening with some focus for the week they would be prepping for Baretta, and DB10 runs.  The Baretta prep grew out of last weeks A week in review blog because a fellow summoner was wondering why I didn’t use Baretta in ToA.  Honestly, I just hadn’t got Baretta yet, and I figure might as well get Baretta Fused now if I want to hopefully help my ToA Progression.  On top of that I had a few two times experience rewards that needed to be used up.  This paired well with the “Merry Christmas! Special Christmas Stockings Event”.  I did not end up fusing Baretta, so I do want to throw that out there.  I am missing the Water Magical Archer at the moment, but am hoping in my next Chasing Trophy Monster Session I should be able to get her.

Then as I mentioned before about it being a hodge podge of a week, as I found the time I just decided to run Dragons B10.  As I mention a little later I ended up surprising myself how much I was able to run it for the week.  There really wasn’t any time improvement or anything on it, I did however move away from the nuke to the face to the crystal clearing technique to lift my 70-80% completion to almost 100%.

Rune Update

I made a rather large stride in Dragons B10 runs this week, which kind of surprised me after looking back.  I was really happy about this.  It was the one thing where I really felt like I made some progress.

Giant B10 Run Count: 379

Dragon B10 Run Count: 168

The_Stand Guild Wars

It was a good victory filled week for The_Stand finishing 7-4 for the week.  We did not get all the battles in unfortunately. We did end up losing a ton on defense which is one of the major contributors to why we ended at 1005 rating for the week.

GamertagMythras PvP

This was not a good PvP week for me.  Even though I got in 198 attacks I finished at Fighter 3 status, and most of it was only collecting three victory points instead of four.

Angelmon Secret Dungeon & Devilmon Secret Dungeon

There were a barrage of awesome Angelmon Secret Dungeons over the weekend.  This is always a fun weekend event.  I was able to spend some time collecting Angelmon and definitely made sure to tackle the Devilmon Secret Dungeon.  I ended up spending my time over the weekend in the Angelmon Secret Dungeons instead of the Free Trial of Ascension, and unfortunately ToA didn’t quite work out well with my Holiday Schedule.

Here are some throwback videos on the Angelmon Gardens.

Fire Angelmon Garden

Wind Angelmon Garden

To date I have completed all dungeons and floors of all the angelmon gardens.  After looking back at some of the older videos, I realized this secret angelmon dungeon event did not have light or dark angelmon.

Notable Mentions

World Boss

I maintained my G1 status for the World Boss for the Week.

Rift Beasts

I was able to get B- status for the first time on the Wind Beast in the Rift Worlds.  I wanted to try it out again as I haven’t spent a lot of time rifting over the past weeks.


I was able to level two six star runes to 15.  I was very excited about this as some of the previous weeks Faimon Hell Grinding from the experience and resources was able to help me accomplish this, but alas I am once again mana poor.


It was definitely a fun filled hodge podge Summoners War Christmas week! With the Special Christmas Stockings Event going on and chances to collect stockings at every turn it definitely worked out.  I like to believe that any game time played is hopefully some progress, but this week definitely didn’t land me much further along than the previous week aside from the Dragons B10 runs.  Again, I would like to wish you a Happy Holidays, and until next time summoners keep on summoning.

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Summoners War a Week in Review (12/12/16 to 12/18/16)

Summoners War a Week in Review (12/12/16 to 12/18/16)

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Summoners War over the past week was quite brutal to be honest.  Coming off the back of the previous weeks Rainbowmon Party with Penguin Event I really wanted to complete the whole event.  Making it definitely worse for myself, and most likely a significant loss of resources that were underutilized in my opinion.  However, sometimes that is the name of the game, and sacrifices must be made to get there.  I also deviate to some real time PvP in the World Arena Special Opening Event.

The past week also features something new to the Summoners War a Week in Review blog which was Trial of Ascension (ToA).  To date I have not covered tha, and that was an additional focus for the week. Mainly due to the ToA reset, I wanted to see how far up the ladder I could climb.


Piggy backing off the previous week, we will continue this past weeks theme in similar fashion of an experience grind with a twist.  The twist being the ascension of ToA.  I know a lot of users who read the blog like to benchmark my progression against their own gameplay.  This is one of the many reasons why I enjoy sharing even minor successes week over week, to help provide gamers with an idea of their own personal progress with Summoners War.

First and foremost as mentioned in the intro for the week I was able to complete the Rainbowmon Party with Penguin Knight Event…barely.  I finished it off with roughly nine hours left.  The last monster I decided to six star was Megan for the event.

It was definitely rough as I decided not to use experience boosters this week, and I didn’t have the necessary fodder to do it quickly coming off the week before.  It was because of not having the appropriate resources I had to slog it out the hard way.  This meant as I mentioned last week I continued the experience grind in Faimon Hell with Lapis because it is a slower grind, and I could at least build back some resources.  With the slow progression I was able to get enough scrolls to slowly meet my needs for the evolution fodder, however it was not quick.

A user I ran into on Reddit mentioned based off the last post why not farm Aiden Forest to get the necessary fodder.  I did spend time trying out this strategy, and there are a few things I wanted to mention.  They suggested doing Aiden and Faimon on Hard to not get the crafting materials, and increase scroll drops.  The thing I discovered about this was even though you get the scroll drops hopefully at a higher rate its 2 per drop instead of 5.  I also, tested out my Lushen to attempt Aiden Hell, as I do believe that’s better farming then Faimon Hell once I am able to do it.  Alas, Lushen got crushed, but now I have something additional to work on for farming.

Ultimately these are the kinds of discussions I want to drive, and look at new ways to approach Summoners War.  I think the suggestions were great, but after testing for my personal taste I decided to continue with my Faimon Hell Lapis slow grind for the week approach.  The other thing the user incited me to do was to continue the actual area progression.  I forgot that I hadn’t completed everything so I decided to close out Chiruka Remains Hard to finish off the Hard difficulty mode of the game.

Trial of Ascension

Aside from that minor distraction during the week I pursued two others.  Those other distractions were Trial of Ascension and the Third World Arena Event.  Previously for Trial of Ascension I was able to get to Stage 67.  This time I was able to improve that to 78 for Trial of Ascension Normal.  I also was at Stage 29 for TOA Hard.  I was able to best Stage 29 and improve the climb to Stage 36.

Trial of Ascension Stage 75 Beat

World Arena Special Opening Event

Last week I did take a good part of my day to pursue the new World Arena Special Opening Event.  I crafted a pretty fun interesting video of the experience.

I learned a lot about the World Arena, and definitely its difficulties or really what my gameplay lacks for live PvP interactions.  I thought jumping into battle right away would allow me to ascend the leader boards quickly, but man was I wrong.  You definitely want a good diversity of monsters when you take up Arena, and definitely some semblance of a strategy.  Which to be completely honest I really lacked that part for the World Arena.  That strategy is also a smidge different then general PvP.  Lots of similar things I saw were using Bernard for speed and attack bar boosts to quickly get off your first round of attacks on your opponents.  Another strategy was using fire epikion priest Chloe’s third skill Fanatic to make your units invincible getting off your attacks, and picking the best utilization of your monsters skills.  Overall, I am glad I spent a decent chunk of time on this, and look forward to spending more over the course of the event as it is 30 days long.

Rune Update

Aside from the experience grind, I was able to sneak away for some Giants Rune grinding over the past week.

Giant B10 Run Count: 352

Dragon B10 Run Count: 38

The_Stand Guild Wars

This week The_Stand finished 500 (6-6), and closed in with a rating of 1004.  There were definitely some guild wars we should have won, but that’s just how it goes unfortuntately.

GamertagMythras PvP

Closed in probably my highest rating ever for a week at 1298.  I am continuing the low defense until Sunday grind.

Fire Martial Cat Secret Dungeon

Notable Mentions

World Boss

I maintained my G1 status for the World Boss for the Week.


Over the course of the past week I eagerly took on some much needed distractions from the experience grind of Summoners War, but with that said was able to finish out the second six star monster for the event.  On top of all of it I made great progress in Trial of Ascension, and participated in the World Arena Special Opening Event.  Like always summoners until next week, keep on summoning.

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Batman and Joker Jewels Online Slots: Review

Batman and Joker Jewels Online Slots: Review

I’ve always been a big fan of nostalgia, and like most people I am always excited about throwback games.  I recently came across such a game that I wanted to do a review on called Batman and Joker Jewels online slots game.  The game was developed by Playtech a software company which focuses on casino type games, probably why I enjoy it so much.  One thing I really like about the game is not only the ease of the online slots gameplay, but how Batman and the Joker Jewels utilizes the old 1960-esque Batman!



The game concept is a simple one, allowing anyone to quickly pick it up and play.  Like any slot machine type game just pull the handle….err, give it a click and off she spins!  Like all today’s aged slots it’s a random number generator (RNG) determining where the reels will fall.  Batman and Joker Jewels features a five reel slot machine encompassing a 25 pay line way to bet.  The game provides an assortment of features to the gamer, not necessarily typical with slot type games. On top of that if you have access to the internet you will always have access to Batman and Joker Jewels Online Slots because it’s streamed over Flash Player, so be sure to have yours up to date!


There are several main points a gamer must understand about Batman and Joker Jewels to take in the full gaming experience.  On top of that it provides an understanding how to position yourself on your pay lines.

First, as all DC Comics played out, it’s really about the struggle between the Protagonist and Supervillain! Which is why gamers should be mindful of not just one, but two wild cards! (Batman and Joker Logos) However, the logos don’t replace the scatter symbol.  For an additional bonus, you may occasional get lucky, and the Joker may throw you a bone.  In Batman and Joker Jewels the Joker will actually throw out nine additional wilds into the mix.  (Joker Random Wilds) With that said the wilds are really the crux of the slot game.

Next, building off the wild theme if the reels land right there is a unique trigger that will occur, and the struggle between Batman and Joker will be intensified with an additional multiplier.  This multiplier is triggered when all three odd reels (1,3,5) contain the bonus symbol.  This feature is known as Joint Wild Action, and you will quickly be guided down the path of picking your favorite Super Hero or Antagonist. The Bats as Joker calls him will now be included with the Joker on a new wild symbol hence the Joint Wild feature. Battle will quickly ensue moving your multiplier around when this Joint Wild lands, directing the multiplier via an arrow either in your favor or against you.  The multiplier maxes at three, but you can get it to five when you pick your side.

The Last features of Batman and Joker Jewels Online Slots is its massive jackpots.  The jackpots are so big due to the syncing with the multitude of DC Comic Family type slot games.  These aggregated jackpots really pack a punch.  Also, for ease of effort the jackpot bonuses can pretty much be triggered at any given time.



I hope you enjoy Batman and Joker Jewels Online Slots as much as I did not only for the fun eclectic 60s stroll down memory lane, but for all the things outlined in the Batman and Joker Jewels Online Slots Review.  This game alongside with hundreds of different slots can be found at Slots Heaven, website part of the responsible gambling trust.

I wanted to share the slot games fun features like all the different types of wilds you can land!  Until next time, enjoy some added fun with Batman and Joker Jewels, I know I will.

Summoners War a Week in Review (12/5/16 to 12/11/16)

Summoners War a Week in Review (12/5/16 to 12/11/16)

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This past week was a Summoners War experience grind, and I set out some hefty goals to align with the event Rainbowmon Party with Penguin Knight Event.  I was on the hunt to make not one, but two six star monsters in a week.  Unfortunately, that goal never came to fruition, and despite all my planning and outline I ran into some significant challenges I did not foresee.

The nice thing about last week is despite not making my goal for the week I was able to learn some valuable things to share with the community which I plan to share in an additional blog outside of the weekly blog in the coming weeks on six star efficiency for monsters.  Part of the reason I am not doing it today is I want to make a good informative video for the community, and re-validate my findings.

Theme – Summoners War Experience Grind

The goal of the week also drove the theme which was experience grinding.  I wanted to accomplish the task of seeing if I could make two six stars in a week, and as mentioned above I ran into some problems which I will explain.  I spent Monday to Friday afternoon grinding experience, I utilized two of the 12 hour experience boosters I had in my rewards, and then purchased a three day booster with my crystals.  Everything was pretty much on track until about midday Wednesday.

When I first started the event I only had about 100k-200k mana, which in past grinds hadn’t been an issue.  However, as discussed above I decided to try out some other tactics for efficiency sake which I will explain.  Currently, I have been using Lapis to Farm Faimon Hell, which I highly recommend using if you don’t have a farmer.  Also, I have added a new reason to the list of why you should do it.

I decided to make a transition away from Lapis, and test out my Lushen which I was able to get from a weekly rotation a while back in a Chasing Trophy Monsters Episode.

Well, not fully surprisingly Lushen killed it.  I mean seriously, using Lushen to farm Hydeni is a great choice.  I improved my runs by about a minute and thirty seconds on average.  The only real loss was about 900 experience across the three monsters I was grinding.  Or so I thought…

Lushen Farm Stats Lushen Farm Stats


What I realized after several swift energy refills, and quick Hydeni runs, I was suffering in the mana department.  Don’t get me wrong I love running Hydeni with Lushen now, but what I realized throughout this process is that it’s not self-sustaining.  This unfortunately led me to my second issue.  One I didn’t think would be a drag, but was far worse in my opinion.

I never really thought I would run out of unknown scrolls! Who would have thought that could happen.  It became so bad I was leveling one star monsters and evolving them.  Has anyone else ever had this issue?  One thing I definitely think has contributed to the depletion of unknown scrolls was the Homocoulus Patch. I believe drop rates were significantly reduced.  I had roughly 600+ scrolls starting out the week for my goal, and by day 2.5 I was out.

Having no unknown scrolls was awful and significantly deteriorated the process and experience.  This was a big learning lesson for myself, and I have now found value of not just feeding the one star monsters after this.

Once I realized the culmination of things that had happened to me with no mana in the bank, or unknown scrolls the perfect storm had been created.  I immediately went back to farming with Lapis in Faimon Hell to try and see if I could reverse the tide.  However, I found even that wasn’t feasible.  It was roughly five to ten runs to get five unknown scrolls if I was luck.  By then I had pretty much leveled my one and two star monsters.  Brutal!

This was a rough week, but I learned some valuable lessons.  Sometimes, things that are definitely a huge increase to your gameplay like Lushen for experience grinding, may come at a detriment to other areas of your game play.  All in all the nice thing was I did end up with one six star in less than three days, Verdehile!

With that said if everything was right, and I knew what I now know from the experience I should have been able to complete the event in a week’s time or less.  It was a great learning lesson, and I hope you find this useful in your own experience grinding, and attempt to complete the Rainbowmon Party with Penguin Knight Event.  I was able to get everything done in the week aside from one five star, and my last six star monster.

Summoners War Experience Grind

Rune Update

This week’s grind was not focused on runes at all, and significantly slowed the process.  With that said here are the current results:

Giant B10 Run Count: 253

Dragon B10 Run Count: 38

The_Stand Guild Wars

Another interesting week for The_Stand.  I accidently started the week off by leaving out some new members.  I made a terrible guild leader mistake.  So, we focused on rotating players in and out which worked fine. We ended at 1008 rating, and had a winning record for the week of six wins and five losses.  We got behind during the week on our battles, so we didn’t complete the last one for the week.  One interesting note was we started off extremely strong and at one point during the week high C1 or Conqueror one star.  That was definitely a first for the crew!

GamertagMythras PvP

Definitely not a record week for personal battles ensued.  However, even with the reduction of the amount of battles it was a record breaking week rank wise.  (Reduction of roughly 40 battles) I ended at 1267 rating putting me in the top 45k in players.


Hall of Heroes Dark Kobold Bomber

Following the Summoners War experience grind for the week, I transitioned to grinding the Hall of Heroes Dark Kobold Bomber Event on Friday.  I worked on this event the rest of the weekend to complete the event so I could have a Dark Kobold Bomber for the account.  I don’t always summon the monster after the completion of the event, and in this case I collected my 41 pieces to sit on.  I like to collect one extra so that if for some reason I want to summon additional I can use my guild points to by additional summoning pieces.

(Update: Forgot Almighty Scrolls are only good for 10 pieces…logic above doesn’t work mainly to view past dungeons now)

Notable Mentions

World Boss

I was able to get back up to g1 in the world boss this week.

Mentor Mentee Update v3.1.9

Happy to say I filled up my Mentee slots.  Thanks to those on reddit who watched the video and added me on Global.  In the future those of you who need a Mentor feel free to reach out to me either through this site or in game.


The Summoners War experience grind definitely ran into some setbacks, but on the bright side learned a lot in the process.  I was able to six star Verdehile, which as always getting a six star monster is something to be happy about.  I made some new friends from the Mentor Mentee Update, and was able to complete one of my favorite monthly events Hall of Heroes.  Until next week Summoners, keep on summoning.

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PokemonGo: Thanksgiving Event A Look Back

PokemonGo Thanksgiving Event A Look Back

The PokemonGo Thanksgiving Event was a lot of fun! I hope trainers were able to utilize the event as much if not more than I was able to!  This year I was responsible to cook my first family turkey! Due to the cooking and quality family time I was not able to play as much as I typically could.  No complaints as I love spending time with my family, and no offense Niantic and PokemonGo it trumps.


PokemonGo Thanksgiving Event Details

The PokemonGo Thanksgiving Event was the third in game event to date since the initial release of the game back in July.  The event ran from November 23rd at 00:00 UTC and continued through November 30th 00:00 UTC.  The Thanksgiving event’s notable bonuses were as follows:

  • Double the amount of Experience
  • Double the amount of Stardust

One pointer was that if you had a lucky egg in use, you would receive four times the experience.  One other notable thing that was discovered during the event was Ditto!  Trainers had been waiting on the opportunity to catch ditto for months, and had been theorizing how ditto would appear in the game.  Niantic finally put all the theories to rest, and showed us how to obtain Ditto in the game.

The New Tracker Update was also rolled out during this time in the Midwest.  The Tracker Update definitely had its ups and downs at first, but Niantic has since acted on the criticism around the tracker making it much more convenient for rural players, as there was a bug in the code.  I only wish it was a week earlier so I could have caught that evasive Snorlax!  In all honesty, the Tracker is great to really help you find those Pokemon so you don’t sit there and spin.

How to Obtain Ditto

Ditto has a low catch rate of course, but the big thing is you never really know until you know if it’s Ditto.  Once this information was available I started catching every darn Pidgey and not passing on any Pokemon as a precautionary tale.  I was able to catch three Dittos during the event.

Essentially, what happens is you catch another Pokemon, and instead of the normal you caught so and so.  The screen pops up saying “Oh?”, and then the Pokemon transforms into Ditto.  It will then say “Ditto was caught!”  Here is the current list of supposed Pokemon you can catch that transform into Ditto.  Personally I can confirm two, which are Pidgey and Zubat.

  • Pidgey
  • Zubat
  • Rattata
  • Spearow
  • Metapod
  • Magikarp
  • Venonat
  • Paras
  • Ekans
  • Snorlax
  • Doduo
  • Nidoran♂
  • Mankey

Ditto Gym Battles

One other big question is how does Dittos battle mechanics work.  The video below shows how Dittos abilities work, and should help with a few questions regarding gym battles with Ditto.

In my personal opinion Ditto is pretty weak, as you will see in the video.  However, its fun to show off your Ditto, so dropping Ditto off at the local gym is always fun.

PokemonGo Personal Achievements

Other notable things that happened for me over the PokemonGo Thanksgiving Event was not only the fact that I was able to catch Ditto and add him to my pokedex, but I was also able to add a few more Pokemon.  I was able to also add Ninetails, and Abrakadabra.  On top of all the new Pokemon I was able to level to 28!

screenshot_20161128-115557 screenshot_20161128-145810  screenshot_20161126-085208screenshot_20161122-224838

I hope you enjoyed the recap of the PokemonGo Thanksgiving Event, and like myself were able to enjoy it.  I wish you the best in your attempts to catch Ditto, and make good use of the updated tracker.

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Summoners War a Week in Review (11/28/16 to 12/4/16)

Summoners War a Week in Review (11/28/16 to 12/4/16)

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We made some major progress this week in Summoners War.  On the flip side I will definitely say I have probably spent more time playing this week, then an average week due to several life events.  First, off my cat Caesar is finally better.  He has a tenacious knack like most cats to do stuff you wouldn’t think of. Not only does he love strings he apparently likes to eat your drawstrings off pants and sweaters.  A thousand dollar vet bill later we figure out that’s what had plugged him, was a not in one of those strings.  It took him about three days to pass through his system.  Because of keeping a close eye on him I spent a lot of time playing Summoners War.

It is definitely because of Caesar I got a lot more game time in as I was up almost all night worrying about him, and making sure he wasn’t puking all over.  With that said I accomplished two major things in Giants and hit new PvP highs.  On top of Caesar I had a crazy 80+ hour work week which added to longer hours of gameplay.


Aside from the last two weeks I focused my attention on something totally new I don’t know if you heard of it, but it’s called Dragons 10.  That’s right, I felt it was finally time to take down that dungeon once and for all, and not “cheat” by wasting some crystals.

Dragon B10 Beat

– Team (Iona, Theomars, Belladeon, Veromos, Konamiya – Face Team 70% Auto, Left Crystal First 95%+ Auto)

My goal for the week was to beat Dragons.  Now unfortunately I believe I set off in the wrong direction not once, but two times! With that said I would like to share some Dragon B10 tips or pointers while covering how Dragon B10 rationale.

For reference here is video of beating Dragons B10 for the first time.

First off, my thoughts were my Belladeon has enough accuracy for consistent debuffs so we may as go straight to the face.  Now, I can finish Dragons B9 extremely fast by this method, but as you all are aware it is extraordinarily different the Dragons B10.  In reality the correct way to start Dragon B10 is left crystal, right crystal, dragon.  This is the normal way to do it, not straight to the face right away.  However, sometimes you can do that based off your monsters.  I spent more time than most probably tweaking my team for the wrong reasons, however I eventually got the job done.

The other issue is I knew one important piece or helpful piece for completing Dragon B10 is Konamiya for cleansing your troops of dots.  Veromos also works well for cleansing but typically you want him on violent runes for that.  In my case he does not have violent runes on him.  The other mistake I made with Konamiya was when I set off I didn’t realize right away that the skills were not fully maxed.  I kept running Dragon B10, and going why is he taking so long to cast the cleanse skill.  Then I was like “Rookie mistake,” and proceeded to waste about 100 scroll summons and a lot of mana for not.  I literally got two garudas in the summons.  I got lucky and one of my fiend’s had a garuda dungeon and I spent the next hour grinding out garudas for skills.

The last piece that was sort of holding me back without realizing it was Water Mystic Witch Megan.  Lots of people suggest using her, and I full heartedly agree.  My issue was that she was still at 4 stars.  She is definitely high on my list now.  The other thing I want to mention here is don’t underestimate resistance.  I was able to complete Dragon B10 with Iona at leader.  You can easily swap her for Fire Ifrit Tesarion who gives you even a higher resistance for your team then Iona.  Just something to think about as an alternative approach.

Here is a video of my failed attempt that was the closest I got, and got me a lot of feedback on using Megan.

Dragon B10 Tips Summary

Here are the three things I would highlight about Dragon B10

  • Left Crystal, Right Crystal, Dragon – First
  • Get Megan to five star or greater
  • Just be sure your monsters are all set so you don’t waste time like me, points 1 and 2 more important
  • Consider Tesarion as an alternative leader

Giant B10 Update

This week I switched my team up and made it more of a speed team with Jamire in lead.  This led me to some personal bests on the run.


This week instead of giving a rune update I have switched to a new method.  Every run I complete I take a screenshot of what was dropped. My goal is to get around one thousand runs, and calculate drops for everyone.  I will also do this for Dragon B10 also, and then share the results.  Here is where I am currently at:

Giant B10 Run Count: 233

Dragon B10 Run Count: 38

The_Stand Guild Wars

This week was better than las week for The_Stand and the guild wars.  We ended at 1006 rating, and had a winning record for the week of seven wins and five losses.  Going into the last battle we were at 1025, and considered not doing the last battle.  Unfortunately by accident there was some miscommunication and the vice leader accidently started one.

GamertagMythras PvP

This was another personal record week for PvP!  I was able to hit over 1300 during the week for the first time, and even better I finished at 1310.

After last week’s 220 attacks I didn’t think I could top it, and I was wrong.  I was able to squeak out a 250+ attack week.  Again, really racking up those glory points.  I should be going on a glory point shopping spree one of these days!


Free Rune Removal Event (FRR)

I did want to highlight a few things here.  I think everyone knows the obvious to definitely take advantage of the Free Rune Removal day, but I also want to point out the importance in other areas people might not be thinking about.  One big area is when you are swapping out your runes on your “A Team” of Monsters this really allows you to boost the rest.  Typically you are trading up runes at different stages of the game, and this then allows you to pass those nice runes down the chain to less used monsters.  This is extremely important because it helps upgrade for things like the World Boss.

The other thing to keep in mind is sometimes you might as well stop selling runes so you can play around with you non “A Team” monster builds.  It can be fun, and help again with progression.  In my case I typically only keep six star runes and sell the rest unless they are five star legendary.  When I know it’s a FRR I stop selling runes that week for this specific reason.

I swapped out 5 runes on my six star monsters, and 10 plus on my five star monsters.  This was a very successful FRR event, and I was just glad I had the time to do it.

screenshot_20161203-145949 screenshot_20161203-150040 screenshot_20161203-150137

I was able to make full upgrades across the board this week, and improve all my monster lines over the weekend.  I will also note that I spent roughly six hours Saturday moving runes around.  The one thing that can hinder your progress is when you do up trade on runes with your “A Team” you may not have the mana to actually make the runes better.  Keep this in mind, because it could be a short term setback if you haven’t planned for it.

Notable Mentions

Piggy Bank Event

Secret Dungeon Water Living Armor

With the mana farmed from Faimon Hell I was able to level up a six star rune from 12 to 15.

I was able to level a six star rune to 15.


Jamire became a six star monster this week, and my new team lead for Giants B10.  I was able to quickly level him with Wind Angelmon from purchasing premium packs from my last Chasing Trophy Monsters Video.

I crafted about 10 violent runes this week.  I was able to pick up one six star Legendary violent rune.


World Boss I hit G2 for the first time, but somehow finished F3.  What’s kind of bothering me over the last few weeks is once I hit G1 I swear somehow there was a new mass amount of players that have been playing again that have pushed me back down to F3.

Megan, Su, Aria, Emma, Gildong, Trevor all became a part of my monster crew.  Yes, all were awakened this week.


Huge week in Summoners War with a lot of upside and lessons learned.  I hope you were able to take some personal pointers away this week on things like Dragons B10 runs, and like me were able to utilize the FRR day.  Until next week Summoners, keep on summoning.

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