The Gamer Tag I uniquely identify with across my gaming endeavors is Mythras.  Hence why I started the site GamertagMythras.  That tag takes many shapes or forms depending on the tag requirements of the game, but is truly the one I play under the most.

I am just your average gamer whose just out there to have fun, try out new games, play classics, and tackle challenges just like any other gamer out there.  I enjoy MMORPG, RTS, and FPS style games the most, however as I have grown up its become increasingly difficult to stay competitive in MMORPG and RTS genre games.  They tend to be a little more time demanding.  With opportunity costs abound and conflict of work life balance, I have had to transform my gaming strategy for something that is more flexible.

I have been gaming for as long as I can remember.  My first actual system was a Super Nintendo, however I have gamed on every system imaginable.  I stuck to the Nintendo themed consoles until middle school, where I won a Playstation 2.  I was what I would call an early adopter to mobile gaming via the Gameboy, as well as Tetris on my TI-89 in Highschool.

I believe the emergence of mobile gaming will have a great impact for the gaming world, connecting a new age of gamers with those of previous generations.  Mobile gaming has also been the provider of more flexible gaming in my life.

As you can see I have a pretty diverse background, and my goal is to provide stories and content about my personal gaming experiences.  I find like my work career documentation is important.  As I have grown older there are a lot of great games that I have played, but slowly those memories are fading, and my thoughts are to share those experiences with fellow gamers.  Hopefully I can provide you with some tips, tricks, or strategy you haven’t thought of.

Game On!

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